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Last night the Department of Homeland Security visited Irregular Times. Want to know what DHS is reading?

After reading through information on visits by the Department of Homeland Security to Citizens for Legitimate Government, I got curious: if DHS is checking up on CLG’s activist efforts including the September 10 2011 event SeizeDC, could Homeland Security officials be reading up on Irregular Times?

Bien sûr! That’s commie French for “mais oui.”

A quick check through the last 12 hours of Irregular Times’ visitor logs shows that users at Department of Homeland Security computers with IP addresses of and read through 77 pages at Irregular Times last night. These are two of the same computers that have been checking through the Citizens for Legitimate Government website.

What did the users of these two computers read at Irregular Times? Here’s a partial list:

… and so on and so forth. The people sitting at those DHS computers read articles that are pretty typical for Irregular Times, and they completely missed our dedicated page for people interested in gathering bomb-making materials and blowing up the Pentagon.

Could this be termed “surveillance” of Irregular Times? It could be. Could this be a couple of people on the night shift at the Department of Homeland Security who got bored and decided to do a little web surfing? It could be that, too.

There are some matters I get upset about when it comes to government invasion of privacy, like federal agents deciding it’s their business to pore through the list of the books I’ve checked out from the library without probable cause to believe I’m up to anything wrong. That’s my business, it’s not the government’s business, and they need to butt out. Irregular Times, on the other hand, is not a record of private reading activities. It’s a public website that we’ve set up expressly for sharing with other people. That’s why we write here. If some people at the Department of Homeland Security are reading up on what we’ve written publicly, well, more power to them. I think it’s interesting to note what DHS web surfers are checking up on, but it’s not a shocking violation to find that they’ve surfed over here.

Here’s your opening, as a matter of fact. I mean, really, now that we know they’re here and reading through, why not leave a message for the DHS? Hey there, you Homeland Security employee people types! Yes, you! No, don’t run away. Read the comments section: we have a few messages we’d like to share with you…

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