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13 Democrats, 4 Republicans and 1 Independent Vote to Stop Patriot Act Reauthorization

18 votes against the reformless reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act weren’t enough to stop the legislation from moving forward in the Senate, but the 13 Democrats, 4 Republicans and 1 Independent who made a stand to halt the reauthorization process on May 26 2011 should be recognized for their efforts to defend constitutional government:

The 13 Democrats who voted to halt reauthorization of the Patriot Act
Senator Max Baucus
Senator Mark Begich
Senator Jeff Bingaman
Senator Sherrod Brown
Senator Maria Cantwell
Senator Benjamin Cardin
Senator Patrick Leahy
Senator Jeff Merkley
Senator Jeanne Shaheen
Senator Jon Tester
Senator Mark Udall
Senator Tom Udall
Senator Ron Wyden

The 4 Republicans who voted to halt reauthorization of the Patriot Act
Senator Dean Heller
Senator Mike Lee
Senator Lisa Murkowski
Senator Rand Paul

And props also go out to the 1 Independent voting against the Patriot Act, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

(Source: Roll Call 081 in the U.S. Senate, May 26 2011 at 10:00 AM)

10 thoughts on “13 Democrats, 4 Republicans and 1 Independent Vote to Stop Patriot Act Reauthorization”

  1. qs says:

    Glenn Greenwald interview today on

  2. Tom says:

    U.S.A.! Vote Obama!

    yeah, right:

    Fuck voting – the duopoly select the candidates and we pick one – that’s some bullshit democracy! They both suck and do the same thing – spy on us, off-shore our jobs, keep healthcare unaffordable, keep building prisons while they cut education budgets, and ALWAYS give corporations precedence over actual people – even when it’s detrimental to life on earth. FUCK VOTING – it doesn’t work!

    1. Tommy Tinga says:

      Tom, right on, Bro. What’s needed is a majority movement of anti-voters so that the people send your message LOUD & CLEAR! Why participate in a farcical political system… never mind whether it’s headlined by a D or R.

      1. bro43 says:

        The American public has a chance to vote a non-establishmentarian candidate into the highest office of the land and that would be the honorable Rep. Ron Paul. I too have become disenfranchised with the system and it’s corrupt duopoly. Should we cut off our nose to spite our face? By all means, thoroughly check into a candidates beliefs and connections before casting a vote for them and abstain if no worthy candidate is running. But to write off the entire voting process is akin to burying ones head in the sand. I’ve been voting/abstaining since 1986 and hadn’t ever voted for a winning candidate until this last election when I had the opportunity to vote for Ron Paul’s son Rand Paul, who has fought for liberty since his taking office day 1.

        RON PAUL 2012, Principled In Liberty

  3. Hendrix says:

    On the link it looks like that vote was for temporary extension of programs under the Small Business Act and the Small Business Investment Act of 1958.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Yes, it does. The reason is that Harry Reid modified that bill to gut it and replace it with language reauthorizing the Patriot Act.

      1. Hendrix says:

        So devious. There are 3 versions shown and they didn’t manage to note that the entire fucking bill had been replaced with something else. And this after they make such a big deal about not allowing any confusing amendments as if someone wanted to finger-paint on a Picasso.

        Down with the cult of the president and the gang of 8. All hail the great 18!

        1. Hendrix says:

          Hyperbolic, I know. I’m glad to see there were 10 or so states that Elected people good enough to, in this instance in which they were not the deciding votes on the issue, vote like decent humans for civil rights. But I should hardly expect civil rights progress until human rights make a comeback. If the government loses the right to secretly search your records and property (among other “PATRIOT” Act powers), they could always send you to a black site indefinitely, tell you about it there, and torture you under the endless war powers that have evolved without any change in law by congress.

  4. dr says:

    Hold off on the anointing oil for Sherrod Brown. I was *shocked* to see his name on the list of dissenters and believe me, I do applaud him for taking a stand there. But if you check his voting record, you’ll see that in every other case, he’s been just another cog in the machine.

  5. brad rebers says:

    Let this be a lesson to all conservatives,under no circumstances should we send the GOP money,cut off their funding,they cannot win without money,their donations are down anyway. Any time they request money take the time to write them back explaining no more money,call the number,talk to aide,hurt them in the pocketbook.

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