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Obama Embraced Politics Of Fear By Signing Unreformed Patriot Act Extension

Back in 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama promised that, if he became President, he would not engage in the politics of fear.

This month, President Barack Obama has himself used the politics of fear to persuade the American people to continue the unconstitutional policies of George W. Bush.

obama politics of fearObama and Senator Harry Reid told the American people that if Congress didn’t pass an extension of the most abusive spying powers of the Patriot Act, without any amendment, without any reform, by midnight on Thursday, that we would all become vulnerable to terrorist attack. The Obama Administration used an unnamed “senior official” to send out a message to the American people through ABC News warning that if the Patriot Act was not passed right away, without reforms to protect Americans’ constitutional rights, there would be “terrorist attacks both here in the United States and against our citizens overseas. This threat cannot be underestimated.”

Maybe the threat cannot be underestimated, but it turns out that it can be easily overestimated. The truth about our nation’s security, revealed by Senator Dianne Feinstein this week, who has full, up-to-date national security briefing, is that there is no known specific terrorist threat against the United States right now. (Feinstein went and voted for the Patriot Act anyway.)

We don’t have any real terrorist threat, but we do have a lot of fear, and Barack Obama was happy to use that fear to push through four more years of George W. Bush’s attack on the Constitution. To be fair, of course, we can’t call it just Bush’s attack, can we? No, Barack Obama owns the Patriot Act too. He signed his name to it last night.

In just a few months from now, Barack Obama is going to go to the Iowa caucuses and ask people to elect him President of the United States again. Are Democratic voters going to just roll over for Obama, and continue to give him their support, even though he has spent his first term defending and extending the political agenda of George W. Bush?

Don’t follow the politics of fear. Liberal America, we can do better than Barack Obama.

One thought on “Obama Embraced Politics Of Fear By Signing Unreformed Patriot Act Extension”

  1. theotherjimmyolson says:

    This may be the most disturbing issue to me that so many of my country men, and women for that matter, can wallow in what can only be described as unreasoning cowardice on this issue.I hate to admit it, but Hermann Goering was right.On the one side your chance of being affected in any material way be an act of terrorism is so small as to be functionally non-existent, while on the other side the chance that the government will use this power to the detriment of the people is a 100%

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