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Mark Brander Nails Proper Doomsday Prophecy Technique: No Date

Pay attention, Harold Camping. When you make a prophecy of doom, never mention a date.

Over at my favorite entertainment site, Godlike Productions, Mark Brander displays the classic form:

New Madrid Quake To Cause Massive Inundation

Warnings about the New Madrid Fault are increasing in frequency and cannot be ignored. God is showing many people through dreams, visions and prophecies, that great devastation will strike the Heartland of North America. I have compiled some of the more profound warnings here that are clearly related to one another. These prophetic glimpses paint a sobering picture of what we can expect to occur when this event takes place.

In recent weeks (spring 2011) I have had recurring dreams of water levels rising very quickly in the St Clair River here in the Great Lakes region where I live. What I have seen taking place would only be possible if the land mass was to sink and sea water was to enter in. The water begins to rise fairly quickly without any notice. There is a sense of hopelessness as there is nowhere to escape to. In the last dream I saw both a whale and a sea lion swimming in the river, an obvious confirmation that seawater caused the flooding. I ran across a similar dream given to a man in the southern US who saw sharks in the water when the flooding occurred. A woman I know in the Ottawa area is having recurring dreams about a major inundation occurring in that region.

The scenario now emerging is that the earthquake may be triggered by a methane explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. The BP well blowout compromised the seafloor geology adjacent to large methane deposits. The escaping crude from the blowout did in fact contain very high concentrations of methane, which was the cause of the blowout to begin with. Geologists had warned against drilling near the deposits, one of which is estimated to be the size of Mount Everest.

On April 30th 2011 Linda Newkirk was shown a vision of a large explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. The fiery explosion caused enormous amounts of ash to fill the sky. Linda also saw a number of rings go out from the explosion which indicated that there may be a number of explosions to follow the first one. Last summer Linda posted several prophecies about the Gulf Disaster with info about the cracks/ruptures in the sea floor and also the methane deposits that she saw while in the Spirit. They can be read as chapters 71 -74 in Book 12 at

A similar vision about an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico was given to Brittany (name withheld ) on July 30, 2010. “All of a sudden I was above the West Coast of the US looking eastward, it was a quick vision. First my attention was drawn to a fiery cloud of smoke rising above the ocean over the Gulf of Mexico. My first thought was that it looked like volcanic ash, but I can’t be sure. Next my focus zoomed in close to the earth and I saw a man standing by the Mississippi river. He raised and spread his hands dramatically and said”, “This Earthquake! This Big, Gigantic Earthquake” Brittany includes a map of where the man was standing, and also where she saw the explosion out in the Gulf, in her youtube video, My Vision, Gulf Explosion and Earthquake.

The location where Brittany saw the man standing is important to note. The location is where the States of Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee, all intersect with each other. The following prophetic dream given to Pastor John Killpatrick in 2008, is an amazing confirmation of Brittany’s vision in 2010.

On the way to Sunday service on April 27, 2008 John had a very quick vision where he saw the ground buckling before him. It was so real that he moved to the side to avoid what he was seeing. “I knew immediately that it was an earthquake with the potential to do a lot of damage.

Almost a month later on May 20, John awoke trembling from a startling dream at 5 AM. “It was one of the most startling dreams I had ever had. I felt it was an addendum to the vision on April 27. I saw the words, ‘wind and water,’ I did not actually see any wind or water damage. I then found myself overlooking a river which instantly became so wide that I could no longer see either of its banks.

The dream then shifted and I was with one of my parishioners running through what appeared to be an old abandoned school house. This empty building began to shake. The shaking was so violent and severe that it was like the bucking of a wild horse, tossing us around. My teeth were clapping so hard from the impact that I tried to clinch them to prevent this from happening. I did not see the devastation, I only heard it. In all my life I have never heard such catastrophic sounds. The dream then shifted once more and concluded with two names on what appeared to be an old Spanish map. One name read Indianola and the Other Europa. Research showed that Indianola Illinois, Europa Missouri, and Indianola Mississippi almost form a straight line when connected together which suggest there will be a devastating earthquake on the New Madrid Fault.”

The town of Europa Missouri, is located almost midway between the towns of Indianola is almost the exact location where Brittany saw the man standing by the Mississippi River!

You heard it here, folks. Where Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee all join together, there’s going to be a huge, gigantic, devastating earthquake…

… um …

soonish. Did you notice that for all the wonkish mention of dates, giving the prophecy the appearance of specificity, there’s actually no date or even rough time frame proposed for the arrival of the supposed earthquake?

With no deadline for the massive earthquake, the prediction of its occurrence can’t be disproved. That makes it the perfect prophecy. 10 points to Brander!

One thought on “Mark Brander Nails Proper Doomsday Prophecy Technique: No Date”

  1. Ibanez74 says:

    Any person who mentions Linda Newkirk, the woman who claimed to have sex with Jesus and had his child that will save the world some day??? can’t be trusted to be sane. She also claims to be the city of Revelation 12. She claims the woman of Rev 12 is herself. the bride of Jesus…??? Rev 21:1-2 is holy city. Rev 21:9-10 confirms Jesus bride is the holy city Jerusalem, by the Angel of Jesus sent to testify to John who Jesus bride really is. If by some weird chance these vague dreams come true with no dates It is still random chance. I will give a clear prediction with a clear date. Today is May 4th 2013. On May 5th 2013 on planet Earth someone somewhere will die, someone somewhere will be borne, someone somewhere will be hot, someone somewhere will be cold, someone somewhere will lose money, someone somewhere will gain money, ect ect. prove me wrong?? unless the world ends before this date, in such case no person will be left to prove me wrong.

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