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Senate Tea Party Roll Call Vote on the Patriot Act, May 2011

16 members of the U.S. Senate have a concrete tie to the Tea Party from some combination of three sources:

1. 2010 endorsement by the self-proclaimed “Tea Party HQ” organization FreedomWorks
2. 2010 endorsement by the Tea Party Express organization
3. Current membership in the Senate Tea Party Caucus

In the first meeting of the Senate Tea Party Caucus in January of 2011 (attended by the leaders of FreedomWorks and Tea Party Express), calls for “constitutionally-limited government” were met with great applause. But on May 26 2011, constitutionally limited government was shot down by Senators who voted to pass reauthorization of the Patriot Act without reforms, even though it lets the government snoop through your home, your car, your office, your data, your communications and even your reading list at the library, all without the warrant demonstrating probable cause that the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution demands.

How did the members of the Senate affiliated with these Tea Party organizations vote on the Patriot Act this month? It turns out that most of them supported this intrusive big goverment spying program. Most of them voted a hearty YES to the Patriot Act.

Tea Party Members of the Senate who voted FOR the Patriot Act on May 26, 2011

Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire
Senator John Boozman of Arkansas
Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts
Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina
Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma
Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho
Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina
Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota
Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin
Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas
Senator Rob Portman of Ohio
Senator John Thune of South Dakota
Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

Tea Party Members of the Senate who voted AGAINST the Patriot Act on May 26, 2011

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky
Senator Mike Lee of Utah

SenatorMarco Rubio of Florida did not cast a vote on the measure.

Tea Party associated members of the Senate ended up supporting the Patriot Act in a higher proportion (87%) than the Senate did overall (76%). As in the House, the Tea Party associated members of the Senate may talk a great deal about supporting the Constitution, but (with the notable exceptions of Senators Paul and Lee) they have not put their liberty talk into pro-constitution practice.

4 thoughts on “Senate Tea Party Roll Call Vote on the Patriot Act, May 2011”

  1. Joe says:

    They need to go. How can you believe in the Constitution and vote for the Patric Act? All I’m looking for in a politician at this point is they defend the Constitution, so the People won’t have to.

  2. qs says:

    Military cue possible in bankrupt Greece where the radical left has become ungovernable.

    “The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency warned in a report that the tough austerity measures and the dire situation could escalate and even lead to a military coup, according to a report by Germany’s popular daily Bild.

    According to he CIA report, ongoing street protests in crisis-hit Greece could turn into escalated violence and a rebellion and the Greek government could lose control, said Bild. The newspaper said the CIA report talks of a possible military coup if the situation becomes more serious and uncontrolled.”

  3. levotb says:

    The problem IS, Joe, that so few of our elected officials in D.C. follow The Constitution. Even stalwart Conservative Congressman Steve King voted for The Patriot Act renewal as did Rep. Ted Poe, Rep. John Culbertson, Rep. Ed Royce, Rep. Brian Bilbray, Rep. Gallegly and so many others. Only 31 Republican Congressman voted against it. Just 2 U.S. Senators voted against it. So many Conservatives are “desperate” for a leader that Romney’s and Palin’s numbers are rising. That’s pretty pathetic. Senator Rand Paul should be running. We need him!

  4. BettyS says:

    I am disappointed to see that Michelle Bachmann voted for it. I was favorable toward her as a presidential candidate until I saw her vote, now I don’t know who I would vote for at this point.

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