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Americans Elect Does Not Communicate With “True Boss.” Will it Communicate with You?

Like No Labels, Americans Elect is a 501c4 corporation. Like No Labels, Americans Elect refuses to disclose the identity of its secret unrestricted funders. Like No Labels, Americans Elect plans to use its mystery money to influence the 2012 Elections — in Americans Elect’s case, it plans to elect its very own President and Vice President of the United States. Like No Labels, Americans Elect proclaims itself to be a movement of the people. Is it true?

In mid-April, Americans Elect launched a splashy new web page from its top-floor Penthouse corporate offices on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, complete with a view of the White House — offices it doesn’t allow citizens to visit. On that new webpage, Americans Elect declared that you are its “true boss”:

The Delegates—and the rest of the American people—are the true boss of Americans Elect

What if?  Where can I get more information?  Americans Elect gives you answers.A true boss gets to sit in on meetings, makes decisions, appoints staff, and has access to data, directories and documents. A true boss gets to ask questions and get answers.

Americans Elect declares that it welcomes contact, welcomes questions, and will try to answer them. I’ve taken the Americans Elect corporation at its word. On April 26 I sent Americans Elect an e-mail — the latest in a dozen or so attempts at communication I’ve made over the past year. I sent a copy of my message to the Americans Elect offices in the form of a letter. You can read a copy of that letter here.

I asked Americans Elect 10 simple, fundamental questions about itself. A “true boss” of Americans Elect would have received some answers within a week’s time. It’s been a month and five days. Americans Elect hasn’t written. Americans Elect hasn’t called. Americans Elect hasn’t answered a single question.

Try the same. Act like you are what Americans Elect says you are — its “true boss.” Ask Americans Elect questions — I have my suggestions, but of course you should follow your own nose. Wait a month for Americans Elect to answer your questions. See what happens.

I bet you a hundred dollars Americans Elect won’t answer all your questions. I mean it. If you send in some non-trivial questions to Americans Elect within the next week, and Americans Elect actually responds with answers to all your questions by the end of June, I’ll write you a big fat check for $100. Here’s their contact information.

Americans Elect mailing address:

Peter Ackerman, President
Kahlil Byrd, Director
Americans Elect
1775 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Suite 1212
Washington, DC 20006

Americans Elect email address:

Really, try it. I guarantee a learning experience.

One thought on “Americans Elect Does Not Communicate With “True Boss.” Will it Communicate with You?”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    Americans Elect doesn’t allow its true boss to enter its offices. Sounds like the true boss is a figurehead.

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