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Mass Grave In Texas A Psychic Satanic Panic

Prime time TV shows depict psychics who help clueless police departments deal with unsolved crimes. The truth about psychics in law enforcement is much less compelling – mentally off balance characters hang around police stations, telling anyone who will listen about the messages that they are receiving. Every now and then, a police officer decides to listen, wasting resources on a wild goose chase.

That’s what happened down in Texas this week. You probably saw mention of the story on Tuesday, when CBS news broke what seemed to be an alarming story of massive criminal violence: A mass grave had been found by police at a Texas home. The dismembered bodies of between 20 and 30 people, including children, were in a pit near the intersection of two roads, and the people who owned the home were “uncooperative”.

You may not have seen the follow up to this amazing crime story. It turns out the story was all a load of bull. A self-described psychic called the police with the story about the mass grave, but there was nothing on the scene that was like what she told police officers to look for. Not only local police, but also the FBI, were called in to search the property. There was no mass grave. There were no dead bodies.

Liberty County judge Craig McNair justified the incident by saying, “We have to take tips like this very seriously.” Calling in the FBI when a person claims to have learned about a sensational mass murder through her psychic powers? Why do we have to take that sort of thing seriously?

Some people have a religious belief in psychic powers. Some people believe that there are secret satanic societies who ritually murder people. There’s no evidence of any such thing, however – and that lack of evidence is what we have to take very seriously.

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