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Archbishop Says Depriving Gays Of Rights Is Not Anti-Gay

In Minnesota, political groups backed by the Catholic Church are pushing for the passage of a referendum in 2012 that would amend the state constitution to ban the marriage of same-sex couples. It’s always a drastic action when people try to amend the federal or state constitutions to remove rights from people rather than to protect citizens’ rights. Yet, some people in Minnesota don’t seem to understand why people would be bothered by a law that reduces the amount of freedom state residents may enjoy.

This last week, Catholic Archbishop John Nienstedt wrote a newspaper column lamenting that, ““Regrettably, the media and some secular commentators have chosen to mischaracterize this measure as anti-gay”.

I’ve been puzzling over how someone could seriously assert that depriving gays of freedom and equality is not anti-gay. The only explanation that I’ve been able to come up with is that Christians who share John Nienstedt’s ideology sincerely believe that it’s often bad for people to have full legal rights and equality under the law.

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