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Irregular Times Donation from Shirt Proceeds: October 11 Mobilization in DC

As part of our sales of political sweatshop-free t-shirts (proceeds from which go to the upkeep of Irregular Times) we’ve committed to donate a buck to overseas development, and another buck to liberal political causes at home, whenever one of our shirts sells. It’s one way we’re trying to walk our talk.

In light of actions just this week by President Barack Obama …

… and the capitulation or outright collaboration of too many members of Congress of both parties in these regards, we’ve just sent off our latest domestic political donation to the October 2011 Movement, a coalition of over forty organizations that are putting out the call for people to descend on Washington DC this October 6, to meet in Freedom Plaza, and to engage in acts of persistent nonviolent resistance designed to leverage our government back toward sanity. The idea is to create a space that’s an American version of Egypt’s Tahrir Square.

It’s a good idea. It’s about time. If you have a few extra dollars, we suggest you chip in, too. And leave October 6 free on your calendar. If the movement congeals, something really interesting might happen in DC this fall.

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