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Photographic Proof Jesus Walks The Earth: Biblical Scholars Agree!

Just in time for the Feast of Saint Alban, an ancient pinnacle of faith who proved beyond a doubt that God exists by making the eyes of his executioner pop out of his head, biblical scholars have confirmed that photographic proof of the historicity of Jesus has been found.

What’s more, the photograph proves that Jesus is walking the Earth, right now! Serious academics around the world now must now conclude that, Harold Camping was right! The second coming of Jesus did take place on May 21 – but none of us were worth sending up to Heaven to spare from the violent wrath of God that is to come!

A small group of certified biblical scholars, who have concluded that other self-professed biblical scholars are blasphemous apostates, has examined the photograph you see here, and come to the startling conclusion that only one interpretation of the evidence is possible: This is a photograph of the foot of the risen Jesus Christ, who has returned from the grave!

Evidence point 1: The wear patterns on the foot shown in the photograph are exactly what one would expect from someone who had walked barefoot in the Garden of Gethsemene, given what we know of the geography and vegetation of the time.

Evidence point 2: The arrow marked A shows the exit point where an iron stake was driven through the foot of Jesus in order to fix the Savior to the cross. What’s more, the wound has an appearance which is medically consistent with a wound that has long since healed – perhaps for two thousand years – and left a scar.

Evidence point 3: The heel shows signs of a blister which is precisely placed in such a way that it could only have been caused by a sandal worn by someone who had to travel far, uphill, under great stress. That fact clearly points to the idea that the blister was caused by the forced march of Jesus, carrying the weight of his own crucifix.

Certainly, skeptics can ignore one of these points of evidence. However, the existence of three separate sources of evidence still leave the essential argument intact. Even if an atheist were to come up with a convoluted argument that the crucifixion mark on the foot of Jesus shown here was caused by some other unnamed event, the other two pieces of evidence would still force the non-believer to admit that the Christ has risen and has come back to Earth to punish the wickedness of mankind.

The photograph of the foot of Jesus is causing a profound spiritual upheaval, and a realignment of Christian organizations as well. For example, Minister Uliah Postachio of the 13th Street Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri, points out that the food wrapper seen next to the foot of Jesus proves that the beliefs of rival Protestant denominations are incorrect. “Methodists have concluded that Jesus is an ‘eternal mediator’,” Postachio explains, “but for Jesus to drop the food wrapper on the floor without picking it up indicates that, in truth, Christ has come to remind us, as He did in his first visit, that the laws of Rome, such as laws against littering, have no relevance in his divine kingdom. Let us, then, follow in His stead, and leave our garbage where it falls. The time for conciliatory mediation has ended.”

90 thoughts on “Photographic Proof Jesus Walks The Earth: Biblical Scholars Agree!”

  1. telson says:

    When we begin to examine the gospels and the letters of the New Testament, we find that Jesus appears as the central figure in them. The four gospels tell us about His life here on earth while the epistles describe the meaning of His death and resurrection according to Christian belief. We can actually say, that if He hadn’t lived on earth, none of these would have been written.
    As we examine the historicity of Jesus, we can find proof of His life on earth. This proof has been preserved by His successors, such as the early church fathers, and also His opponents. Both sources refer to various parts of His life.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      But telson, the gospels fail to provide any prophecy for the second coming on the foot of Jesus! Nor did they predict that Jesus would preach in favor of littering. Explain that!

  2. marie dyle says:

    wow amazing!!!!

  3. says:

    And after this al Playboy denise richards isn’t careful!

  4. says:

    ‘ll a person’s better Jasmine waltz nude model attain.

  5. www says:

    Zac efron nude full frontal acquired a new legendary

  6. here says:

    Actually to mention Watch lindsay lohan sextape!

  7. here says:

    Bliix kesha [ff] is accepted as its ale.

  8. J. Michael F. says:

    I have a birthmark that’s a red line that starts on my forehead and travels to the back of my head like a mo hawk(I’ll see it better when I’m finally bald) I was a medic with the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne with PTSD from serving in the Samarra, Iraq area. I walk with Buddhist but am a Catholic. I recently met a Hebrew woman from Israel that I was trying to get to take me to Israel so I can visit like a local. I’ve felt right rib pain that I thought was associated with chest tubes given to children while in Iraq. I was sent to a mental health Unit where I met a real person you thinks he’s “Jesus Christ” and that lucifer made him gay. He doesn’t have a message or anything but that lucifer made him gay. I think it’s time for Earth to get a new mission Statement; we need to come together to advance space travel and Earth defense. Other creators are going to try to attack one day. “If you’re good, you’ll get to Heaven/space”. Now I pray at the YMCA

    And it was my Father who tought me Religion
    not my mom.

    I’m not Jesus because they’ll put me on crazier pills if I were.

    Oh yea, I found something in this old pawn shop with religious items near Houma,La that I thought would keep me alive for ever but I didn’t want it because of PTSD. I would hate to live for ever with it. Who’s to say it’s real anyway. I just picked it up like Indiana Jones, thought about it, and said “nah, it’s not for me”

    This might sound like a riddle or another crazy man but I’m just trying to save the world’s best interest.

    I left more “text” on Clash of clans under the name JFo and poneytrain.

    1. J. Michael F. says:

      Also Samarra has a “stairway to heaven” and it doesn’t even get close lol.

  9. J. Michael F. says:

    I had blisters on my feet from trying to walk a a two hour drive to met up with the Israelites while falling over near a water tower that promotes southern Rebels.

  10. J. Michael F. says:

    Adam sanders movie “don’t mess with the Zohan” was about a guy working in a hair salon.

    I work in a nail shop and want to turn a Asian massage parlor into my own nail salon.

    Just a coincidence not divine

  11. J. Michael F. says:

    How cool would it be if the second coming didn’t call himself Jesus and fought in a war that didn’t need to happen? Or did it?

    War might be coming to Earth one day and good thing we’ve been practicing.

    Now it’s time to change directions and stop silliness in the Middle East


  12. J. Michael F. says:

    It was hard to watch people getting killed. It shocked me, but I got use to it. They’ll be more collateral damage before it gets better.

  13. J. Michael F. says:

    I’m with a woman who had a child born out date rape. It was her choice, and now he treats her like she abandoned him when she gave him everything he ever wanted. How confusing?

    Pro choice or pro life?

  14. J. Michael F. says:

    You guys messed up. Its suppose to be No Chomo (child molesters) not no Homo (same sex)

  15. J. Michael F. says:

    It’s not Christmas in July, it should August 😉

  16. J. Michael F. says:

    And I don’t litter. I recycle. Geezuz you should too.

  17. J. Michael F. says:

    My feet are flat as hell after the military so they were worn out.

    Who cares who’s who. Get the mission statement out there: stop fighting each other and develop space travel with Earth defense systems.

  18. J. Michael F. says:

    You can fact check but I’m just trolling so don’t have me committed again. I liked meeting Jesus but I didn’t like not being able to go outside. Also they didn’t give me shower shoes.

  19. J. Michael F. says:

    all Israelites are veterans so that’s why I was trying to hang out with them that day I fell out by the racist water tower and was committed. Would we like ISIS having a water tower to remember their fighting?

    And plus their women are… spicy

    If we nuked All the racist extremist, would we come back stronger like Japan and get this space exploration adventure back on track?

    And if the U.S. HAD to take a hit from a nuke, where would you pick? Rebel country?

  20. J. Michael F. says:

    Jesus didn’t return from the dead, he disappeared. Only other way to disappear these days are big bombs.

  21. J. Michael F. says:

    After that war, I was willing to be crucified for better world relations if it would help. Nah, sounds painful. How about I jump on a grande for everyone? Would that help people believe in Earth’s mission?

  22. J. Michael F. says:

    I’m not Jesus, I’m just a loser with combat PTSD.

    This was just a test of the emergency alert system 911.

  23. J. Michael F. says:

    Jim Cook, you smell what I’m cooking?

  24. J. Michael F. says:

    It’s red Mohawk birthmark time.

    Native American blood.

  25. J. Michael F. says:

    I don’t know what it means either.

    I’m not a scholar. I’m just going to travel and let you guys forgure it out.

    I’m just trying to meet the pope 😜

    I’m told you what I thought.

  26. J. Michael F. says:

    Just talking to my self on this article after googling “is Jesus walking the Earth” while working out/praying at the YMCA. Get fit for a fight Earth. How many stars does it take for you to wake up?

  27. J. Michael F. says:

    I’m the little brother bro

  28. J. Michael F. says:

    Homo is ok, Chomo is not ok!!!

  29. J. Michael F. says:

    This is just an meaningless outlet for me. Don’t sweat it.

    Imagine being on a Star Trek ship and you have to worry about chomos. Not coolio bro.

    Kevin spacey is a pedophile and we need to go to space

  30. J. Michael F. says:

    This is just what I do for fun.

    Either I have a problem or Earth has a problem

    It’s time…. For mission statement.

  31. J. Michael F. says:

    Maintaining Earth while trying to jump off. Hence the stair way to space that didn’t work out.

    as I do 4 sets of 8 for my work outs.

  32. J. Michael F. says:

    The nashing of teeth is what scared me into doing the right thing. How about you?

  33. J. Michael F. says:

    Someone tell the pope that Jesus is locked up in the veteran mental health ward in Alexandria,la telling people he’s gay.

  34. J. Michael F. says:

    Houma, la has a pretty good family oriented Mardi Grad too.

  35. J. Michael F. says:

    So the Birth mark starts at the bridge of my nose and goes to the back of my head.I didn’t know it went all the way to the back until my barber told me resently because I’m balding. When I get hot or angry it turns really red. They told me it would fade but it’s been there my whole life. I am a beast in the gym and that PTSD makes me pretty unpredictable. Bipolar like mood swings but that’s about it. The real beast are in the caliphate.

    My brother is a Wiccan also. Which I never really understood but I didn’t judge. He’s cool as a fan just different.

    I feel like I need to hook up with one of those Israelites because they’re like forbidden fruit to me. I met them going to the Apple Store to get my phone fixed. Damn they’re spicy, must be that military training.

    Jim cook, I had a blister on my heel from a forced ruck march. no big deal, I just had no skin left on there. I tried to cheat because it hurt so much so I had to do it twice.

  36. J. Michael F. says:

    I fcking hate the N word!!!!

  37. J. Michael F. says:

    My nose seems red also. I have pictures where it blazing red.

    I hope this means I get to hook up with that Israeli one day. There’s a special one that I had a dream about.

  38. J. Michael F. says:

    I took me some time to get around to hearing both sides of the political debate because I was uniformed. The “righteous” is predominantly on the wrong side.

    Who doesn’t like a peace loving socialist hippie that wants better schools for future thinkers. It would be nice if the bridges we crossed were up to code too.

    It must be hard to cough up 52% of your income when you’re on the top of the food chain. Most people will never know those life struggles.

    It’s a privilege to be able to pay that much tax and hoarders hide money offshore where it can’t be used anyway. What’s the point? Bush and Chaney why have oil and money in the Bahamas? Hiding both from everyone?

    USA needs better tax reform and not more tax cuts. We had tax cuts and two wars started with in 5 mins of each other. Good job KBR.

  39. J. Michael F. says:

    Unless warren buffet and bill gates (two names that I know off the top of my PTSD head) make an Iron man suit with a spaceship to fight futuristic evil doers and not the ones we need to nuke of the map. Easy as pie. Nuke them and rebuild better. Futuristic fighters won’t be so easy because they figured out how to get to Earth threw space so I’m sure their weapon technology will be more advanced.

    Who’s idea was it to send the message satellite threw space? We can’t even get along with each other here. What makes us think everyone in space is friendly?

  40. J. Michael F. says:

    other creator’s people are willing to smash our nutZ

  41. J. Michael F. says:

    It’s time for Earth to get a Mission Statment.

    Maintain Earth better, while trying to jump off.

    the wealth needs to spread to make this accomplished. Sorry but it needs to leak down not trickle down.

    The money hoarders are just as bad as Bill Cosby.

  42. J. Michael F. says:

    Iraq didn’t have nukes so now we need to give them some also Syria, Lybia, Samolia, Yemen, more countries in Africa, and the Gaza Strip for my “wanted to be ” GF’s people.

    Just use them up so you can replace them. Say it was a hacker who pulled the trigger. Putin and I both have Aspergers. I’m sure he wouldnt mind setting some off. He owes one for killing the gay rights leader. He does like to play with his military these days.

    The world needs to come together to rid this place of religious mistakes. And the south might take a hit if it doesn’t get rid of that Rebel flag.

  43. J. Michael F. says:

    Just trollin’

  44. J. Michael F. says:

    so nukes are off the table then drop some pamphlets saying Infidel means👾 and not 🇺🇸

  45. J. Michael F. says:

    Adam Sandler’s “water boy” and “little Nicky”

    “Popeyes with shiiiit”

    “My momma said that my birth mark would fade away but it’s just as bright”

    So, do I win something ? Or does the prize go to everyone else in the form of knowing Jesus was a real dude?

  46. J. Michael F. says:

    Popeyes IS the shit ^

  47. J. Michael F. says:

    What if Jesus was named Stephen instead. Would the name Stephen be off limits?

  48. J. Michael F. says:

    What if my Aunt had a penis then she would be my uncle.

  49. J. Michael F. says:

    One time as a child I shot at a bird on a power line with a pellet gun just to see if I could hit it. Then immediately after it fell to the road a car ran it over to take it out of it’s misery.

    I couldn’t turn mud into birds. Sorry.

  50. J. Michael F. says:

    “Play with Bombs like kids play with toys”

    If you’re against the “west” then your against progress and ARE holding Earth’s mission back. Come together to nuke any Al Qaeda/ISIL inspired area. Start Armageddon already. It’s time. If the south of the USA still wants to support Rebel flags then Nuke them too.

    We love Muslims because Infidel means 👾

    Iran your leaders need to walk back your hatred of North America and Israel

    I wish it would rain steel on Christmas. They’ll be reincarnated to a better place.

  51. J. Michael F. says:

    Merkle doesn’t want to help fight ISIL because Germany would be next on the attack list. Play it safe.

  52. J. Michael F. says:

    Why is herion on the rise again? Fck! Dwhy didn’t we learned from the last epidemic.?


  53. J. Michael F. says:

    the message from the “heavens” was from a female named Zoey.

    This was After my brain shorted out from stress.

    Then I felt some tingling on the top of my head because I don’t wear one of those Jewish hats.

    But I don’t know anything about Earthlings needing to take better care of Earth and needing to build a better rocket ship with a weapons system to fly away. Or maybe it’s to relocate. Noah’s ark style. Who cares anyway?

    It was creation and evolution evangelical suckas. Why would birth control even be created if it wasn’t meant to be used?

    Now go ahead a brush your shoulders off Jim Cook. I found your article to shit my crazy nonsense on.

  54. J. Michael F. says:

    Jim cook, I need you to proof read and edit for me. Thanks!

  55. J. Michael F. says:

    Everyone thank John travoltra for the movie “Michael” buts it’s not Xenu. Sorry friends of Scientology.

  56. J. Michael F. says:

    @ the gym

    you think the next pope will take selfies, #longliveDaPope

  57. J. Michael F. says:

    Back when I first started treatment I had a dream I met a woman at a mall surrounded around friends. I didn’t know it would be Jewish friends…. Damn she turned me down, think if I get her to take me to Israel we’ll use a nuke or two?

    Damn I can’t get her off my mind. I hate that I finally met her. Uhh never mind not really. She was the hottest, smartest woman to turn me down.

  58. J. Michael F. says:

    To bad I don’t have a say because I have an itchy trigger finger turned to “Twitter” finger. Everything is already in motion. But I’m Back!!! From Iraq that is.

    Damn Mark of the beast in the form of a red line birth mark down the forhead. Still not bald so I can’t see the Mohawk yet.

    If I’m the mark, crown me king Jew so I can get that queen Jew at the mall. aww man can’t get her off my mind. Some people will feel emotional pain if she comes around. She’s bossy and quit possibly in charge of her “friends”.

    Get rid of the rebel monuments and change rebel colleges!!!!!!!!

  59. J. Michael F. says:

    Can’t call yourself religious and secretly use the N word.

    The more times the N word is said the closer to a nuclear Christmas.

  60. JMF says:

    If troops are going to have to be deployed to ISIS held territory then maybe just maybe we could use the N word on them instead.

    we need to update our arsenal.

  61. J. Michael F. says:

    Its going to be hard to use nukes. So don’t do it then. Terrorists attacks don’t kill as many people anyway. Who cares about the mission. It’s chugging along at a snails pace due to racist Americans and Islamic extremists.

    Tahran better not spark the match.

    Geezus I’m so willing to use them after wanting to make a mercy kill in the war and picking up so many bodies for whatever reason was said.l at the time.

    I’m down for the US to take a hit if we can N word those special places. Good thing they’re migrating just in case.

    How cares about the greater good of humans. Keep the rebel flag and keep ISIL’s flags.

  62. J Michael F says:

    Right rib pain today.

    it reminds me off watching kids get chest tubes after a helicopter shot them. They Shouldn’t have been digging next to the road is what I tell myself. The old guy with them must have used them as a shield. Ha didn’t work. They all got shot.

  63. J Michael F says:

    I hope they made it rain Steele tonight in the name of progress, humanity, and Christ. Cheers to the next phase of humanity.

  64. JMF says:

    This is a picture of the birth mark. It starts at the nose and goes to the back of my head like a war hawk. which I shaved one in my head before I went to Iraq.

  65. JMF says:

    awww man you can see my other pictures from that link. hey those were when I was like 19-20, don’t judge.

  66. JMF says:

    All those people in those pictures use to be my friends before I got PTSD. Then I became a loser.

  67. J Michael F says:

    I hurt my wife with my PTSD. Someone save my soul so I don’t punish the people the care about me.

  68. J Michael F says:

    Just trolling, none of what I said was true or makes since. I’m just bored and have no life since after the war. I left half my brain on the battle field.

    I’m on a spiritual syfy combination. Space is to big to alone. It’s doesnt the take a person on the aspgergers spectrum to figure that out that ancient biblical and Koran text needs an updating to keep it relevant. Heaven means space, hell means bunkers, infidel means 👽, and everyone is reincarnated. Who wants to spend forever in the after life because that sounds boring.

    I waited so long to come back because I was waiting for wet wipes to clean my bum. And for the caliphate to try to take over 😉Jk

    Hang em high! I’m The good, the bad, and the ugly.

    “By all our powers(religions) combine summons Captin Planet(Ki Moon)

    I left out Hindu because I haven’t had the pleasure.

  69. Korky Day says:

    If you ignore the crazy vet and the sex spammers, there aren’t many commenters.

    And I still haven’t seen any picture. Where is it, Jim Cook?

    1. JMF says:

      I was trying to scare people into stop hating each other because we might hate a space person more one day.

      I guess it didn’t work. you didn’t fall for it.

      SpaceX and Boeing will lead the way

  70. J Michael F says:

    Ok, so we need to up date all these religious books:

    God is a female named Zoey that was married to the prophet Muhammad. They had a kid name Buddha before they broke up because they were fighting over what to call 👾👾👾👾infidel or devil? So he slapped her and tried to cover up her face so no one would see the pain. That’s why Buddha is peace because he came from a broken home.

    How about them apples? World peace. Send it to print.

    So we do need to kill the infidel but they don’t look like us because we all look alike. Why would we need to kill each other after we became established as a global unit.

  71. J Michael F says:

    I’m at the gym getting “saved”

    That little story about linking the religions is meant to save you from having to use a nuke on each other one day.

    Get over yourselves and understand I’m here to save you from yourselves because they’re more than us floating around space.

    Feel me Jim Cook? I need you re write this for me in a more poetic way.

  72. J Michael F says:

    Let me catch an over person trying to use hover boards rather than walking. I’ll push they right off.

  73. J Michael F says:

    Islamic extremist is spreading. Anyone else have a better idea rather than dropping bombs. If your just going to drop bombs make them a little bigger.

    Someone is going to have to agree to this and bless off on it.

    “Omg! We’be had another touch down from the heavens!! Then he scored to two point conversion(nfl joke)”

  74. J Michael F says:

    You guys/gals need the “next one” doing magic tricks like David Blain?

  75. J Michael F says:

    We better have a combat veteran as the “next one” or I’m not fallowing what he says.

  76. J Michael F says:

    Me Brewer of Durhum,nc is giving out the Holy Spirit. He blessed me with it. He also has the updated revelations.

  77. J Michael F says:

    D. Brewer

    I told him to charge for parking if anything come of it.

  78. J Michael F says:

    The trick is the Jesus is you and Jesus is me.

    Who’s the best Jesus impersonator?

    It’s reincarnation, coming from a Catholic.

  79. J Michael F says:

    just get the word out that #2 said to link the religions because who think it’s fare to be a complete shit ass person and make it to heaven just by asking forgiveness. It’s reincarnation and one day we have to fight space people. So what ever makes you happy

    Putin wants to use a nuke before he dies. And we need to let him use them over the Islamic extremists areas 😉 wink wink . It’s his fault that he has Aspergers.

  80. J Michael F says:

    Link the three religions, link science and religion. It wasn’t magic.

    If youre good you’ll get to the heavens/space and if your bad youll be driven to hell/bunker villages. Australian style.

    Life is reincarnated so you can’t cheat just because you went to confession. it dose help combined with good deeds.

    Should a serial killer get the same treatment that a nun gets just because they ask for forgiveness and finish their prayers? Does one get a loft at the top of the skyscraper in “heaven” and one live in the slums of “heaven”. Be good in this life and you will be rewarded in the next.

    Or do most people think you go to heaven just to play cards and sit around for eternity on puffy clouds?

  81. J Michael F says:

    Guess who is trying to evole the brain. She said sorry about the autism.

  82. J Michael F says:

    Science and Religion are meant to be as one. There is a trail for everything. Bet you can’t figure out how JC disappeared leaving only a cloth behind.

    This is to bring faith back to the people who have turned their back on ancient text. It’s time for the next phase with an update.

    “Space… The final frontier”

  83. J Michael Fm says:

    Sorry I don’t know any magic tricks. That was my brother.

    Also I’m sorry to disappoint you if you thought I would be taller like Patrick Swazey in “Road House”

  84. J Michael Fm says:

    I had to try everything (not really everything)at least twice to see what’s going on. People need drug rehab not prison.

    I can see why people like it. It duals the pain of reality.

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