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Ancient Powers Emerging

An adaptation of a stage play about modern folk being led off into the woods by ancient pagan gods, the movie Spirit of Albion will be available for DVD starting on the Winter Solstice this year. A promo for the film summarizes the plot as follows:

“Esther, Annie and George are 3 people whose lives have reached a crisis point. On the night of 31 October, all three find themselves drawn to a clearing in the woods. Secrets are revealed and nothing will ever be the same again as an ancient power emerges from the shadows…”

goddess on the rocks

I have lots of questions I’d love to ask the pagan gods, but they’ve never shown up in my particular clearing in the woods. So, as an alternative, I’ve just got a relatively simple set of questions I’d like to ask the filmmakers:

Why do ancient powers always choose to emerge from the shadows? Why not emerge someplace where they can see where they’re going? Why don’t ancient powers ever emerge from the silverware drawer, or the mud room off the back porch?

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