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In Solicitation for Funds, Americans Elect Reveals Budget and Ballot Access Plans

Americans Elect is a private 501c4 corporation with plans to elect its own candidate for President and Vice President of the United States. A leaked solicitation to the well-heeled for funds indicates the scope of its budget and the time frame for its ballot access plans.

Alex Rodrigues, who has done graphic design work for Americans Elect contractor Proverb LTD and for Americans Elect itself, uploaded a few pages earlier this year from the “Ballot Access Fund” solicitation sent to wealthy Americans, asking for their large-dollar donations to put an Americans Elect presidential ticket on state ballots across the nation.

Americans Elect Ballot Access Fund Solicitation quotes Larry Diamond declaring If competition is good for our economy, why isn't it good for our politics?

Americans Elect plans for ballot access victories in the American states from July to December 2011

Americans Elect Ballot Access Fund shares more with wealthy would-be donors than Americans Elect has shared with the public about the Americans Elect ballot access plans and budgetary requirements

Americans Elect has not shared either its ballot access plans or its budgetary requirements with the American voting public to this degree of specificity, which means that the American voting public has not been able to ask questions. Questions like “why are Virginia, West Virginia and Minnesota off Americans Elect’s map?” Questions like “Americans Elect estimates that it will take $10.13 million to get on the ballot in enough states to gain 279 electoral votes. But Americans Elect has only disclosed the source of $1.55 million of its funding. Who are the people fronting Americans Elect the other $8.58 million, and on what terms?”

The people who’ve seen this information, and the people who’ve had the privilege of being able to ask those kind of questions, are the members of the wealth elite who’ve been contacted by Americans Elect for discussions. Discussions with the wealthy are conveniently located behind closed doors. Americans Elect has learned its lessons from its last go-round under the name of Unity08, when it told the little people about its plans early on and then had to shut the little people up when they started thinking for themselves and going off script. There’s been none of that messy citizenship business this time around.

I’d really love to know what’s on pages 2-9 of that solicitation, wouldn’t you? Go ask the hedge fund manager, wealth management specialist or socialite who’s snug in your circle of friends; chances are they’ve got a copy they’d be willing to lend.

Update: Within hours of the posting of this article, the images from Americans Elect’s Ballot Access Fund solicitation have been removed from Rodrigues’ website. Someone doesn’t want you to see the information that solicitation contains; they’re trying to shove it all down the memory hole. But they can’t take the images off of Irregular Times, and that’s why a screen capture is always handy.

11 thoughts on “In Solicitation for Funds, Americans Elect Reveals Budget and Ballot Access Plans”

  1. qs says:

    Hey what’s that betting market you like for Ames Straw poll.

    Intrade has Bachmann at 50% to win Ames. You have a different market showing different results?

  2. Ross says:

    Thanks for posting this – I’m going to link to it at soon.

  3. BobSK says:

    Yes! Over the years, these have been my favorite IT posts. Unity-08-Americans-Elect continues to embarrass itself with its attempts at secrecy. It’s a shame, because if they were what they claimed to be, they’d be pretty cool.

    Excellent work covering this, as always.

  4. Rick Fenton says:

    This doesn’t supprise me at all. You are doing a public service. Keep up the good work.

  5. Brad M. says:

    As a participant in the Unity08 effort I can tell you that it was like herding cats. While I disagree with the present lack of transparency with AE, it must be appreciated that having fewer chiefs at this point will be beneficial for facilitating ballot access. There will be time to grow the tribe later with indians.

    Keep in mind that AE could dramatically change the political landscape. And it will be done with voters choosing the nominee, not the few wealthy donors or chiefs of AE.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Actual democracy is a real headache, isn’t it? So much better to have a few people in charge.

      When Americans Elect corporate leaders hide their deliberations behind closed doors and limit the questions driving the public process, they’ll be able to get the result they want no matter how the public answers.

      1. Brad M. says:

        Well, thankfully corporations can’t vote. At least not yet.

        At the end of the day AE is their own entity. They can do whatever they want. Its their gig and their money (sort of).

        And thankfully there are folks around to call them out on their hypocrisy and disingenuity when it takes place.

        This is not a perfect political birth. But I’ll take it over the other major party options out there.

        1. Jim says:

          You’re entitled to your point of view, certainly. But that point of view seems to be one in which citizens should be herded by people who know better. And compared to the major parties, which I have problems with too, Americans Elect offers LESS transparency and LESS opportunity for citizen leadership.

    2. Rowan says:

      I’ve found the “herding cats” metaphor is often used by people who don’t have much respect for individuality. I’d rather be with the cats than with the sheep, and why should the American people support a new political party that regards voters as something to be herded?

      1. Brad M says:

        I am surprised I wasn’t also accused of bias towards native americans. “herding cats” refers to the craziness of organizing what would have been a significant effort to get ballot access down here in Texas via petitioning. In my ideal world there are no political parties at all. All candidates stand on their own merit/background/issues/platforms. Everyone is an individual. No herds for the major or minority parties.

        Say what you like about AE, at least they are going to try and upset the political apple cart. In the words of my hero Frederick Douglass: “agitate, agitate, agitate”.

  6. Allen says:

    It would seem that looking at the map that this group is collecting signatures in Montana, yet haven’t seen any petitioners larking around. I’ll have to check the MT sos web site for more information.

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