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Out Of State Religious Groups Promise To Interfere In New York Elections

In New York State, a strong majority of citizens support the legal recognition of the equality of heterosexual and homosexual marriages. A bipartisan coalition of Democrats and Republicans just came together to approve state legislation granting full legal status to same-sex marriages in New York State.

The people of New York State have spoken clearly on the issue of marriage equality. A political interest group from out of state, however, is now planning to use money to overturn the will of the people.

Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, has made a “pledge to commit at least $2 million” to spend in 2012 New York elections in order to defeat legislators who voted in favor of marriage rights for all. The National Organization for Marriage isn’t a New York group, though. It’s headquartered in Washington D.C., in an office building less than a quarter mile from the White House.

Where will these millions of dollars to interfere in New York elections come from? They’ll be subsidized by the federal government. The National Organization for Marriage is a tax exempt organization.

The National Organization for Marriage refuses to say exactly who its donors are, but an activist group called NOM Exposed details contributions from Mormon organizations, evangelical Christians, and Catholic groups such as the Knights of Columbus and Opus Dei. These organizations claim tax exempt status as well.

One thought on “Out Of State Religious Groups Promise To Interfere In New York Elections”

  1. Tom says:

    Funny how they have all that money to play in politics (whatever happened to the separation between church and state? Oh, yeah – BUSH) but not enough to help their congregations with REAL issues like homelessness, food, relief from poverty, etc. Churches are BIG BUSINESS now. Well they can try to disrupt some legislators’ careers but i’m sure the gay community will strongly respond and VOTE for these brave people who amended the law to be more fair to them than the previous second class citizenship they felt before the law was finally changed.

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