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The Top 25 Liberal Web Sites For 2011

I got a curious itch this morning, to see what the top liberal web sites are this year. I have a good idea in my head about what the top sites for liberals online used to be, before Barack Obama entered the White House, but things have changed since then. Liberal politics has become more murky since then.

So, I went on a search. I used a small number of search phrases related to liberal politics, on multiple search engines, and then smashed the lists together to create the Top 25 Liberal Web Sites Of 2011 list you see below.

These are the top search results, but of course, that doesn’t necessarily meant that they’re actually the most influential liberal web sites, much less the most powerful liberal organizations out there. Take this list for what it is: A measure of successful online connection.

1. Liberal Forum
2. Kick
3. Daily Kos
4. Democratic Underground
5. MoveOn
6. Talking Points Memo
7. Mother Jones
8. Gun Toting Liberal
9. Michigan Liberal
10. Raw Story
11. Liberal Values Blog
12. Irregular Times
13. How To Win A Fight With A Conservative
14. Ban T-Shirts
15. Liberal Politics
16. EvolveFish
17. National Journal
18. Delaware Liberal
19. The Nation
20. About Liberal Politics
21. Buzz Flash
22. Politicus USA
23. Center for American Progress
24. BartCop
25. Thom Hartmann

Honorable Mentions:

The Hollywood Liberal
The Democratic Daily
Blog for Arizona
Keystone Politics
Bleeding Heartland
Political Critic
Lubbock Left
Irregular News
Left Jab Radio
Liberal Conspiracy

4 thoughts on “The Top 25 Liberal Web Sites For 2011”

  1. Being Liberal says:

    Nice list, would be better if you would disclose your ” search phrases related to liberal politics” …

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Sure. They’re simple.

      political liberal


      liberal politics

  2. Piling up says:

    I notice that the Huffington Post is NOT on this list. Quite right. They’re corporate news.

  3. Truth4Ever says:

    Democratic underground is not quite as liberal as you think – it is a Zionist web site that allows liberal posts so long as you do not criticize Israel or its racist genocide on Palestinians.

    For several years I posed on that site and my posts were well received by liberals there. But one day there was a thread about Israel’s racist genocide. I criticized Zionist crimes and was soon banned from DU. So don’t be fooled by Skinner and his site – he is a Zionist who hates the truth just like the Fo? network does.

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