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Young Communist League skimming Capitalist money off Exploitive Overseas T-Shirts

Meet the Young Communist League USA.

Meet the Young Communist League’s new t-shirts for sale.

Young Communist League Working Class and Smash Capitalism T-Shirts sold on a Value T made in an overseas sweatshop

These “Smash Capitalism” shirts are sold on Zazzle’s “Value T-Shirt,” which is not made in the USA with associated worker protections but rather in an inexpensive third world factory where workers are paid pennies an hour. That’s the only way a company can make a shirt so cheaply, ship it a long distance around the world and beat prices for shirts made locally.

The Young Communist League USA is making $1.50 for each of these shirts it sells, a higher rate than the workers who actually made the shirts. Way to Smash Capitalism and strike a blow for the Working Class.

One thought on “Young Communist League skimming Capitalist money off Exploitive Overseas T-Shirts”

  1. Tom says:

    The whole concept of money is just wrong – it leads to these divisions, questions of value vs cost, imbalances in wealth distribution, greed, etc. We should just be doing what we can and get what we need while practicing population control (via birth control, sterilization, vasectomies, etc.). i don’t know about all these competing “isms” but none of the ones we study in school are viable forms of real government any more. Capitalism has ruined democracy (which itself has too many “secret” flaws imbedded within it’s “innocent” structure).

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