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July 2011 Donations: The Vietnam Project and the Green Party USA

For every made-in-the-USA shirt we sell through Skreened, we writers for Irregular Times set aside a dollar to donate to a liberal domestic political cause and another dollar to donate to charitable projects in poverty alleviation and economic development outside the United States.

This time around, we’ve sent a domestic political donation to the Green Party USA, which for all its struggles is an earnest, idealistic organization trying to set up an alternative to the corporate shill Democratic and Republican parties and to the new secretive corporate PR projects masquerading as grassroots movements. The greens’ is a worthy effort.

Our latest donation for development outside the USA goes to The Vietnam Project, grants money without any expectation of a return on investment to the poorest of the poor in Vietnam. The Vietnam Project provides for heart surgery for kids with easily correctable heart conditions, startup equipment and materials for small sustainable businesses, clean water programs and educational assistance.

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