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Can You Grow A Sequoia?

Jonsteen offers a sweet gift: A sequoia seedling. Sequoias are majestic trees that live for thousands of years and can grow to become the most massive plants in the entire world.

Three year-old sequoia seedlings cost only about ten dollars, plus shipping and handling if you’re ordering one online.

Can you grow one? Jonsteen’s sequoia packaging promises that, if tended, sequoias can grow almost anywhere, but the truth is that sequoias won’t grow well in many places in the United States. First of all, they need a reasonable amount of water to grow, so the desert and arid plains are out. Also, they don’t tolerate temperatures below ten degrees Fahrenheit, so if you live in the northern half of the United States, sequoia probably won’t work well for you.

Finally, consider the size of the plot where you intend to grow the tree. Sequoia trees can grow wide enough for their trunks to take up same space as a small barn. Though that size won’t be achieved any time soon, it seems unfair to a sequoia tree and to its neighborhood not to give it the space in which to become fully accomplished.

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