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Americans Elect Bylaws Available in Searchable Full Text

Americans Elect is a section 501c4 corporation with a purpose of arranging the nomination and election of its own candidates for President and Vice President of the United States in 2012. In a positive step, Americans Elect has written out its bylaws. Unfortunately, Americans Elect has not shared these bylaws with the public on its website. Fortunately, thanks to requirements of the states of Florida and Nevada the Americans Elect bylaws have been posted with their Secretaries of State. Unfortunately, these bylaws are presented in optical pdf format, which is difficult to read, search and index by interested citizens. Fortunately, Irregular Times has made a searchable text copy of the latest Americans Elect bylaws available for public use.

If you are considering becoming involved with Americans Elect by sending money, signing a petition, signing up to be a delegate or taking a job, I encourage you to educate yourself by reading the bylaws and thinking carefully about what you read. If you have questions about the bylaws, ask questions of Americans Elect leadership — and by all means, share the answers! Time is surprisingly short to the 2012 presidential election season, so the more we can find out now the more actively we can be involved as citizens — as supporters, critics, participants or some combination of the above.

4 thoughts on “Americans Elect Bylaws Available in Searchable Full Text”

  1. Mark B. says:

    I can’t believe they haven’t said anything about it on the main site, but according to these by-laws they plan to hold another online vote after they lose the Nov. election, determining which major party candidate any electoral votes they won would go to.

    That seems unlikely to throw the election, but it could. Online primaries are one thing, but this is too much. Besides, if we Americans want votes for losing candidates to count, we can have a runoff election or ranked choice voting. We don’t have that for president!

    1. Jim Cook says:

      You hit the nail on the head in your description, Mark, and this is one of the things I’m writing about as we speak in reaction to the bylaws. It’s a description of brokerage, and it answers the question of those who declare, “Americans Elect can’t possibly think they’ll win this thing. What do they want?”

  2. Rick Fenton says:

    Thanks for providing the searchable version. Whatever they are up to, it will become apparant after the election. This money laundry they are running makes me suspicious that this might be some part of a national strategy by one of the parties to fracture the independent vote.It appears that they sought out the least ethical and most financially desperate petition company to aquire ballot access through intentionalyy deceptive methods.

  3. paul 2012 says:

    the fatal flaw in this concept, perhaps by design, is that it does NOT restrict career dem/repub lobbyists, staffers, or those who have received a paycheck in any manner from these entities.

    Unless these individuals were kept out, you will only have this effort used to the benefit/detriment of the current two corrupted parties by installing their own hacks into the “third” party.

    If its going to be a peoples party that actually is structured to bypass lobbyists bribes and connected influence peddlers, then it needs to prohibit meddling by lackeys of the two parties who are all owned by lobbyists and influence peddlers seeking to bypass the american people.
    Its a pretty basic request that party officials and candidates of one party NOT be affiliated with or receiving a current/past paycheck from the two corrupted parties.

    Running current/former PAID repub/dem officials or staffers as candidates or delegates or board members means it cannot be a third party in any real sense, and it has defeated the goal of actual (uncompensated) USA citizens picking their OWN issues not those of bribing lobbyists or influence peddlers.

    The LARGEST group of americans at 40% are not affiliated with repubs/dems, and excluding those with a financial tie or fomer financial ties to the two crooked parties or lobbyists who pay them leaves 98% of the population still able to participate in a third party.. the remaining 2% are at home where they are in their two parties and cannot be candidates or functionaries of any third party that is trying to fix the damage their pay-to-play scams have caused.

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