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Summing Up: Americans Elect Watch

Not counting this post, I’ve written 94 articles to date on the 501c4 corporate presidential effort called Americans Elect. That’s enough to get lost in, and nobody likes getting lost. I’ve tried today to sum up the major points of information regarding Americans Elect and to briefly explain why I think asking questions and expecting answers of Americans Elect is important. With no new disclosure law even on the horizon for 501c4 corporations, corporate campaigns like Americans Elect are the future we must confront.

The summary I’ve written is available as a regular old web page that I’ll update as warranted: it’s called Americans Elect Watch, and I hope you find it useful.

2 comments to Summing Up: Americans Elect Watch

  • Rick Fenton

    Great summary. Thanks.

  • Tom

    Thanks for the in-depth reporting (that the mainstream media doesn’t do). At this point it doesn’t look like they will have much of an impact on politics as usual. In other words, it’s already so messed up that they won’t be able to damage it much more. Politics is so corrupt here (since way before we got here, but much worse since then) that it looks like it will not be repaired (or even CAN be fixed from within). Our country is toast, our species is on its way out and the planet will move on without us. Hey, maybe next time (in a few million years when we evolve from scratch again) we’ll do it “right” (sustainably).

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