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Americans Elect debuts Question and Answer System

To its credit, the presidential campaign corporation called Americans Elect has introduced a system by which people may post questions and everyone may see for themselves whether Americans Elect answers. You can access the Q&A system here. I am particularly impressed that Americans Elect is using a change log, from which it is possible to tell whether and how often Americans Elect is censoring conversations. As of now, the change log reveals that since starting its Q&A system, Americans Elect has removed 25 posts, only one of which was removed for being “offensive and inflammatory.”

This is a step in the direction of meaningful participation. The next step in that direction is for Americans Elect to actually provide substantive answers to the questions people ask it. When Glenn Edwards asked “Who’s Behind This?”, Americans Elect Deputy Chief Technology Officer Dimple Bhayani gave this answer:

Thank you for your comments and interest in Americans Elect!

Americans Elect was founded by a diverse group of citizens who are concerned about the future of our country because of today’s partisan politics. Please check our website again soon for a list of our leadership and advisors.

Americans Elect has no candidates, issues or ideology of its own. It is simply a way to empower voters to nominate a competitive, third ticket for President and Vice President in 2012. None of our funding comes from corporate, labor, special interest, foreign, or lobbyist sources.

The founders of Americans Elect have created the vehicle, but it’s up to the Delegates to drive it home. Any registered voter can become an Americans Elect Delegate. As a Delegate, you will be able to help craft the rules, decide the most important issues, and ultimately choose the nominees.

We hope you stay updated and continue to be involved!

That was a lot of words, but it wasn’t an answer.

Over the next day or so I’ll be taking in all the major questions I’ve been asking Americans Elect for nearly a year — without any response — and typing them into this new Q&A system. You’ll be able to read all my questions here and see for yourself whether Americans Elect has made any response. You’ll be able to read Americans Elect’s responses — if any — and judge for yourself whether the questions are answered.

3 thoughts on “Americans Elect debuts Question and Answer System”

  1. Tom says:

    off-topic but enjoyable for 5 min. (can you believe it, from “doom & gloom” Tom?):

  2. dean jerome says:

    I would like to see not only presidential nominees , but also third party nominees for the senators and house of representives ,congressmen and especially those that are Tea party members ,as they are the ones causing all the turmoil, not necessarily the president!

  3. Walter says:

    I agree. I really want to understand this American’s Elect. I see only 4 removed postings, 1 spam, 2 offensive and 1 advertising. Otherwise it looks like thousands of postings with many responses from their employees. Impressive and surprising.

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