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Would Jesus Christ Say What The Christians Say?

Right wing politicians and activists have gotten into the habit of proclaiming that their political opinions are the will of their deity, the creator of the universe, and the incarnation of that deity on Earth, the demigod Jesus Christ. Their methods for determining the political opinions of the divine are questionable, consisting of little more than “praying on it”, but doubt doesn’t seem to enter into the process.

A fantastic parody of this prophetic tendency of right wing extremists can be found at Tea Party Jesus. The format is simple, yet brilliant. The words of high profile Christian politicians and political activists are cut and pasted onto drawings of Jesus, so that Jesus himself is depicted as the speaker. The result, as the site describes it, is “the words of Christians in the mouth of Christ.”

tea party jesus on birth control

6 thoughts on “Would Jesus Christ Say What The Christians Say?”

  1. Tom says:

    Everyone always claims “God is on OUR side” while doing whatever they want – going to war (who would Jesus bomb?), looting the country for their own benefit, killing other people for ideological reasons and claiming the Bible as source (like all the abortion providers who have been killed over the years).

    We’re so effed up as a species that we don’t even know what we’re doing to each other, the planet, or all the other species we depend on (not to mention our obvious role in climate change due to our unsustainable “lifestyle”). We’re on our way out because of this.
    “Of course, readers will know that I never held out any hope that our “leaders” would be able to fix anything. The problems we face, not only as a nation but as a world, are far beyond anything that they can even conceptualize, let alone find policies that could work. Right now the world needs leaders with realistic visions, not necessarily telling a constituency what they want to hear, but telling them the truth about what to expect in the future from our rapidly impending decline. We need leaders able to see what needs to be done to mitigate the threats and minimize the pain. We need leaders who will show the rest a pathway forward. Not one of the people currently serving in government in the US (and I would suggest anywhere else in the world) has that capability. Our pathetic reliance on “open democracy”, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that money, not votes, actually does the talking, has gotten us here. Our inability to think critically and act on our reading of reality is to blame for our not having competent leadership. So, I suppose I would have to say we deserve what we are about to get.”

  2. Mark says:

    Whats funny is that supposedly god is talking to all these people, yet, in nearly every case, he seems to be telling all of them something different. C’mon god, put down the bong and get back on message.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Maybe the divine bong of god is the message.

  3. Eddie says:

    Maybe god doesn’t never created the bong or even has one we created all these unnecessary materialistic things. Did god create anything materialistic that would do us bad. I don’t think so. Maybe some of us should go to church before judging how god works. Maybe some of us should start reading the bible to get to know god a little better not just because of just one person telling how god is means it’s true experience your relationship with him one on one and MAYBE he may be able to change your mind which I’m 100% he will. Maybe some Of us should spread the word and say good is god to another not just pointing guns at your brother.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Clearly you haven’t read the Old Testament if you think this God character in the Bible wasn’t materialistic.

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