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ALEC Exposed: American Corporations Writing Bills for Legislatures Right Now

When you hear someone say “the corporations are in charge,” they usually mean something indirect: that corporations funnel immense amounts of money into state legislative, U.S. congressional and presidential campaigns (true) or that corporations send lobbyists to state houses and Capitol Hill on a regular basis to whisper in the ears of the politicians they’ve helped to elect (also true).

In a sign of how confident corporations are in their control of government, they’re stepping up their activity and writing legislation directly. ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council — is actually writing model bills for its pocket legislators to pass into law. 98% of ALEC funding comes from interested sources such as corporations, corporate trade groups, and corporate foundations. Corporations and corporate representatives sit on the committees that write these bills.

Thanks to the Center for Media and Democracy, you can read these bills for yourself. If they look like bills that are winding their way through Congress or your state legislature, now you know where they came from.

3 thoughts on “ALEC Exposed: American Corporations Writing Bills for Legislatures Right Now”

  1. Disseminate the Truth says:


    1. ALEC Politicians–Find Out Who’s in ALEC!

    2. Contact your Senators and Representatives. If they are on the list of ALEC politicians, confront them and work to defeat them in the next election. Spread the word in the media that they are on the ALEC politician list. Contact your legislators here:

    3. Tell Corporations To Dump ALEC!

    4. Join the protest marches if you can.

    Protests Planned for ALEC Annual Meeting in New Orleans August 5th

    Fight corporate greed! March to the Marriott! August 5

    5. Send Letters to the Editor of your local and national Newspapers. Ask them why they aren’t reporting about this on the front pages of their newspapers. Locate media contact information here:

    6. Spread information about ALEC everywhere – Facebook, Twitter, blogs, social media sites, etc

    7. If you have a website or blog, add links to ALEC EXPOSED:

    We must join together. Our fight is about democracy, human rights, civil rights, and basic human decency.

  2. Tom says:


  3. Michael says:

    Last week, I got on the phone line (as a democrat) on C-SPAN’s A.M. TV show and discussed the basic info (across the air and cable net TV universe) about how ALEC and their pocket right-wing legislators are attending and sponsering Corporate written bills in the State legislatures. The 2 GOP apologists on the show clammed up and looked worried during my statements and upon completion of my brief discourse, the C-SPAN hostess changed the subject, the GOP guys did not respond to me and the show ran out of time and ended. Best Wishes, Mike, a liberal Democrat.

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