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Presidential Comparison Chart to Draft Bernie Sanders for President in 2012

A few days ago, David Swanson asked liberal Americans to to “Stop Hoping” that Barack Obama will somehow transform himself into the actual liberal that was his brand on the 2008 campaign trail and to start looking for alternatives. In his web poll, the single most popular Obama alternative is Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders — and so Swanson has started a Draft Bernie Sanders 2012 web page, featuring the following comparison chart:

Chart comparing the preferences of the majority of Americans, of Republicans, of Barack Obama, and of Bernie Sanders

One thought on “Presidential Comparison Chart to Draft Bernie Sanders for President in 2012”

  1. jon kirby says:

    WHEN YOUR OUTFLOW EXCEEDS YOUR INCOME THEN YOUR UPKEEP WILL BE YOUR DOWNFALL So it seems all this whitehouse knows is cut cut cut
    when all we want is jobs jobs jobs ..They don’t understand revenue UNLESS
    they they want death panels.. I’m tired of Obama ..And i like Bernie Sanders
    Also Peter DeFazio.. or kucinich But NOT Obama dump the betraying thug.

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