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Will Marshall of PPI comes out for Americans Elect, No Labels shoves him down Memory Hole

Will Marshall is President of the “Progressive Policy Institute,” but don’t let the word “progressive” fool you. Marshall is “progressive” like George W. Bush’s Clear Skies Initiative cleared the skies. Marshall’s politics are “centrist,” which is to say of the conservative Democratic sort. Will Marshall founded the infamous Democratic Leadership Council which consistently argued that Democrats needed to act more like Republicans. Will Marshall was a member of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, a group pushing for war against Iraq, a war that has accomplished little and cost much. Will Marshall sits on the board of Advisors, Truman National Security Project, an effort that pushes for more war funding and more war. Will Marshall was a signatory to the declaration of the Project for the New American Century, which was the ultimate collective effort of conservatives who wanted to usher in worldwide war they said would ensure American empire (but which has actually in short order bankrupted this country, killed hundreds of thousands and wrecked American political dominance).

Will Marshall is also a blogger and Citizen Leader with the 501c4 corporation No Labels, although you couldn’t tell that from a visit to the website lately. Within the last couple of weeks — concurrently with the public debut of another 501c4 corporation called Americans Elect — someone at No Labels has deleted Will Marshall’s blog posts for No Labels. Someone also deleted reference to Will Marshall’s existence as a Citizen Leader for No Labels.

I know that Will Marshall has blogged and served as a Citizen Leader for No Labels because the Google Cache last taken on July 14 2011 for the No Labels website show that this is true. Some screen captures:

Will Marshall blurb from his Citizen Leader profile on No Labels
Google listings of Will Marshall blog posts for No Labels
Screen capture of Will Marshall blog post for No Labels
Google listing of Will Marshall as No Labels Citizen Leader

Something else happened in the last two weeks. Another 501c4 corporation “Americans Elect” — one with centrist catchphrases eerily similar to those made by No Labels — made its public rollout with a declaration of its plans to arrange the election of the next President of the United States. Will Marshall — the same Will Marshall who had his association with No Labels scrubbed — has emerged as a member of the Americans Elect Board of Advisors. In an endorsement of Americans Elect this week, a No Labels leader insisted the two 501c4 corporations (both with hidden funding) are “unrelated.” An Americans Elect leader also disavowed a relationship between the two corporations this week.

The thing is, there are a lot of connections already observed between No Labels and Americans Elect. Having another No Labels Citizen Leader turn out to be on the Americans Elect Board of Advisors and forming yet another connection between the two groups wouldn’t look good. And Will Marshall’s No Labels work goes down the memory hole…

… almost. Here the information stays, stuck in the Internet’s craw.

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