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While Americans Elect insists Publicly it is not a Political Party, it tells Florida it most certainly is a Party

In its effort to arrange the election of its very own U.S. presidential candidate in 2012, is Americans Elect a party or isn’t it?

Americans Elect insists to the public and the news media that it IS NOT a political party

“We are not a political party of any sort.” — Americans Elect Facebook page, March 22 2011

“The key delineation to make is that we’re not a party.” — Americans Elect Chief Operating Officer Elliot Ackerman in interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 31 2011

Americans Elect insists to the state of Florida that it IS INDEED a political party

“On May 6, 2011, Americans Elect qualified as a minor political party in the state of Florida…. At the time Americans Elect filed its registration documents with the Division, it qualified for ballot access as a ‘national party’ under the old law because it was established and admitted to the ballot in Nevada…. Americans Elect is entitled to placement on Florida’s ballot in the 2012 election because it qualified for ballot access as a ‘national party’ under the old law…. Americans Elect qualified for 2012 ballot placement as a ‘national party,’ giving it a fixed right of future enjoyment to Florida’s ballot….

Very Truly Yours,

Daniel B. Winslow”

— Letter of Americans Elect attorney Daniel Winslow to Kristi Reid Bronson, Chief of Bureau of Election Records, State of Florida, Dated July 19 2011

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