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The Sacred Number 432,000

Joseph Campbell, in his essay The Mystery Number of the Goddess, notes that:

– The number of years in the Hindu Kali Yuga (the current chaotic stage of the cosmic cycle of existence) is 432,000.
– The number of fighters said by the Norse Poetic Edda to go to war against chaos at the end of the world is 432,000.
– The number of years between the founding of the city of Kish and the arrival of a great flood, in the mythological history of ancient Sumeria, was 432,000.
– The number of the years in one full circuit of the Zodiac, multiplied by 60, is 432,000.
– The number of times that a healthy human male’s heart beats in 12 hours is 432,000.

I also note that:

– In the Philippine province of Zambales, two weeks ago, 432,000 young tilapia fish were released.
– One month ago, 432,000 bitcoins were transferred through multiple accounts in what is alleged to have been a theft of the online currency by hackers.
– One year ago today, government agents seized 432,000 marijuana plants in California.
$432,000 was awarded by the Madison Common Council to the Northside Independent Living facility late last year.
– The nomen number given by the USDA to the lodh tree, a source of traditional medicine, is 432000.

four hundred and thirty two thousand

Does this information imply that:

A. There is a deep mystical pattern underlying our lives.


B. People looking at numbers for long enough can find patterns in anything.


13 thoughts on “The Sacred Number 432,000”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    Some societies think in units of sixes and twelves more than modern Western society, which thinks in terms of tens.

    60*60*120 equals 432,000. For a 6-and-12-based society, talking about 432,000 of something is like us talking about a hundred thousand of something. For those societies, 432,000 would be a nice even number.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Applying the Joseph Campbell standard to today, we might notice the ubiquity of the number 256 in American society. For instance, a number of comment fields accept a maximum of 256 characters. Oooh. Why is that? Is it that Americans have a deep spiritual veneration of the concept of 256? Naw, it’s that data is structured in a hexadecimal format, and 16*16 is 256.

      1. Herbert Sweet says:

        Interesting observation. Is this your own observation? So the common element between the societies with the 432 number would then be a numbers system based on 6 and 12 instead of 10. Did you ever follow up on this idea?

        1. Serhiy Vashkevych says:

          432 = 216+216 2 LIONS HEBREW GEMATRIA LION = 216 the horizon, Aker was also seen as symbolic of the borders between each day, and so was originally depicted as a narrow strip of land (i.e. a horizon), with heads on either side, facing away from one another, a symbol of borders. These heads were usually those of lions. Over time, the heads became full figures of lions (still facing away from each other), one representing the concept of yesterday (Sef in Egyptian), and the other the concept of tomorrow (Duau in Egyptian).[2]

          Consequently, Aker often became referred to as Ruti, the Egyptian word meaning two lions.

  2. Dividist says:

    I believe the term you are looking for is apophenia. Pattern recognition is a survival skill embedded in our DNA. We are going to see patterns whether they are there or not.

    I was not familiar with the sacred “432,000”, but I am very familiar with the” 23 Enigma”. I was introduced to it by Robert Anton Wilson decades ago. Once embedded it never leaves. I still see the “23’s.” Now, I am part of the conspiracy.

    BTW – I notice that if you read it backwards and ignore the leading zeros, your sacred number starts with “23”.

  3. JMortiz says:

    or is it an example of clever googling.

  4. Antares says:

    432000 corresponds nicely with 432Hz. I’ve become increasingly aware of a global campaign to restore “concert tuning” to A=432Hz from the current A=440Hz tuning (introduced by… surprise surprise!… John D. Rockefeller). Check out this site:

  5. Radu Scortea says:

    The normal resting heart rate in a human being is between 40-100 bpm. So the range in 12 hours it will be around 28800-72000. However, if we go for a 60 bpm we will get 43200 beats in 12 hours. So in order to get the ideal number you need 5 days (5X24 hours), which will give you the ideal mystical number 432000. I didn’t read, The Mystery Number of the Goddess but I will check it.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      In other words, if you multiply numbers that have 12 as a factor, you get “mystical” numbers.

  6. jeff says:

    I just can’t remain skeptic towards that.

  7. William says:

    432 comes from 666. Rewrite it as 6.6.6 which = 216 and double this is 432. 2160 is the diameter of the moon in miles, and 21.6 is midsummer’s day (21st of June). 2160 years is the time between each sign of the zodiac. 432 Hertz has a wavelength of 432 miles. It goes on and on – see my website.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Actually, the diameter of the moon in miles is 2159.886 miles. The shapes of the celestial spheres are not perfect after all.

      Also, 6 x 6 x 6 is not 2,160. That’s 6 x 10 x 6 x 6, which is a secret multiplication code hidden in Charlie Brown cartoons.

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