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The Sacred Number 432,000

Joseph Campbell, in his essay The Mystery Number of the Goddess, notes that:

- The number of years in the Hindu Kali Yuga (the current chaotic stage of the cosmic cycle of existence) is 432,000.
- The number of fighters said by the Norse Poetic Edda to go to war against chaos at the end of the world is 432,000.
- The number of years between the founding of the city of Kish and the arrival of a great flood, in the mythological history of ancient Sumeria, was 432,000.
- The number of the years in one full circuit of the Zodiac, multiplied by 60, is 432,000.
- The number of times that a healthy human male’s heart beats in 12 hours is 432,000.

I also note that:

- In the Philippine province of Zambales, two weeks ago, 432,000 young tilapia fish were released.
- One month ago, 432,000 bitcoins were transferred through multiple accounts in what is alleged to have been a theft of the online currency by hackers.
- One year ago today, government agents seized 432,000 marijuana plants in California.
- $432,000 was awarded by the Madison Common Council to the Northside Independent Living facility late last year.
- The nomen number given by the USDA to the lodh tree, a source of traditional medicine, is 432000.

four hundred and thirty two thousand

Does this information imply that:

A. There is a deep mystical pattern underlying our lives.


B. People looking at numbers for long enough can find patterns in anything.


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