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Colbert: How Much Cash You Guys Got? Ackerman: Heh.

Stephen Colbert interviews Elliot Ackerman of Americans Elect, August 10 2011:

Elliot Ackerman, Americans Elect Chief Operating Officer: We’re bigger than the parties.

Stephen Colbert: How so? How much cash you guys got?

Ackerman: Heh. Heh. Well, at we’ll be holding the first ever non-partisan online nominating convention.

How much money does Americans Elect have? Who does it come from? They haven’t answered the question. They won’t answer the question.

Whatever problems you have with the Republican and Democratic parties, you should know that they make full disclosure of the sources and amounts of their receipts and the destinations and amounts of their expenditures.

Americans Elect, the first 501c4 corporation to try and run its own candidate for President, doesn’t do any of that. When it comes to transparent democracy, Americans Elect is a step backward, not a step forward.

One thought on “Colbert: How Much Cash You Guys Got? Ackerman: Heh.”

  1. CB says:

    The first corporate candidate.

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