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In Summer, Fall

An acorn and an oak leaf fall in August

By the calendar, strict dividing lines separate Winter from Spring and Summer from Fall. The natural world knows no hard and fast boundaries. In the middle of August I stepped outside this morning to find an acorn on the ground. Looking around, I found many more, and along with them a smattering of fallen oak leaves. I’ve found birch, maple and mountain ash leaves on the ground as well. Even in the peak of summer, we’re beginning a long coast into autumn.

One thought on “In Summer, Fall”

  1. Tom says:

    She-it . . you should see my back yard – i’ve emptied a wheelbarrow full of acorns from just one tree (i have four more nut-bearers to pick up after) – and i’m nowhere near finished picking ’em up. It’s been sa damn dry here (up until a few days ago) that i’ve already had to rake leaves! i think the stress on them of being so dry is the reason for the early fall. At least we don’t have dead trees galore like in Texas.

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