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Arkansas Judge: threat of retaliation does not cancel Atheists’ free speech

The Central Arkansas Transit Authority, overwhelmingly funded by and operated on behalf of the government, tried to tell an Atheist group it couldn’t run bus advertisements because angry Christians would vandalize the buses. Judge Susan Webber Wright rejected CATA’s claim yesterday, denying the right to discriminate based on perceived (and it turns out, inaccurate) risk of retaliation from bigots.

2 thoughts on “Arkansas Judge: threat of retaliation does not cancel Atheists’ free speech”

  1. Offlogic says:

    Arkansas is a great state… discounting a very small fraction of the population, some of whom hold office!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Actually, it sounds like CATA was describing Arkansans as fundamentalist, no- nothing bigots who can’t control themselves when a minority view is expressed. And Wright said, no we’re not. Then she denied them their bigotry and went on to her next case. Stop hating Americans.

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