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Americans Elect Pledges to Add Some Disclosure by End of August 2011

The first 501c4 corporation ever to mount its own presidential nomination may soon be more transparent, to a degree that remains to be seen.

After the application of a fair amount of pressure by a large number of people, Americans Elect Chief Technology Officer Joshua Levine has reversed his corporation’s previous stonewall policy and pledged to add some disclosure of information to the Americans Elect website by the end of August 2011. From an e-mail sent to me late last night by Mr. Levine:

i believe the changes at the end of the month cover many of the “who are you” requests that i read today. funding will also be addressed at month end. i’m sure you’ll let me know whether it does when the updates are in place in a few weeks.

you certainly have my permission to publish this copy from the

we’re working quickly to add “who we are” to the learn icon at end of august. it is a page that shows the board of directors, the board of advisors and the management team (note that all of the management team has been in the news section for months, albeit ugly to scroll through, except for kahlil byrd). we think the graphic design is nice and in keeping with the look and feel of rest of the site. the current bylaws will also be there and downloadable.

we’ve heard all the feedback. we’re just getting organized and trying to keep up with the pace of work. thank you for your patience.

all the best,

— josh

It’s not exactly true that “all of the management team has been in the news section for months, albeit ugly to scroll through, except for kahlil byrd.” Peter Ackerman isn’t in the news section either, and Ackerman and Byrd have long been the top two principals at the Americans Elect corporation. The current corporate leadership titles of officers Wendy Drake and Elliot Ackerman are also not reflected in these blog posts (as current searches of the website show).

Regardless of that, if carried out as promised this will represent a significant step forward for Americans Elect. Let’s pay close attention to what Americans Elect actually delivers.

7 thoughts on “Americans Elect Pledges to Add Some Disclosure by End of August 2011”

  1. Tom says:

    At this point – who cares which big money Republicans are backing this group. It isn’t going to change the election one bit since THEY’RE ALL REPUBLICANS. We’re going to get more of the same corporate sponsored austerity while they get more profit and wealth for the few.

    1. Jim says:

      Well, then why bother writing anything about it?

      Was that that your point?

    2. Solomon Kleinsmith says:

      After having interviewed two of their top level staffers myself, I can assure you they are not republicans. You can be damn sure I’d have been screaming it from the rooftops had I detected that from them… nothing I can’t stand more in politics than someone who pretends to be a centrist, who is really a partisan in disguise.

      Solomon Kleinsmith
      Rise of the Center

  2. Ralph says:

    That’s over two weeks–forever in the world of politics. Why do they need so much time.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      They have a very slow stenographer, I’m told. She’s been working since the Hoover administration and they just can’t bear to let her go.

  3. Bill Callahan says:

    It’s not clear to me that a non-profit can legally promote a political candidate. The Republicans tried this a few years ago with “voter education” classes. They accepted tax deductible donations as any non-profit does, but then got nailed by the courts because the judge determined that the entities were political action committees, not educational institutions.

    1. Solomon Kleinsmith says:

      They aren’t. This is one of the quirks of their process. Once the ticket is selected, the organization does not become the campaign. The candidates must form their own campaign.

      However… technically they could spin off a 527, which is free to do such things.

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