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Five Plants To Lose Time By

Japanese maple for the light filtering through the overlapping leaves

Tall grass for the separation between the leaves and the seed heads

Mint for its mist of pollinators

Catalpa for the absurdly large beanness of it

Apple for the deer it brings

4 thoughts on “Five Plants To Lose Time By”

  1. Tom says:

    While we sit in reverie looking at the lovely plants and local nature, on the other side of the planet we have:

    (pssst: it still ain’t fixed and neither is the gulf of mexico – the msm just ain’t tellin’ anyone about it with their “happy talk all the time” model of “news” and infotainment)

  2. Jim Cook says:


    What is a catalpa? Is it a sort of locust?

    1. Rowan says:

      It’s a legume, and so it’s related to locusts, but it is not a locust. Locust trees have small multiple leaves, and catalpa trees have large single leaves.

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