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Republicans outsource Union Fair to Nicaragua, Dems absent completely.



At the fair we have going this week in the town of Union here in rural central Maine, the Knox County Republican Party has returned to its usual prominent spot on the midway right next to the rides and the racetrack. The GOP has a tent at the Union Fair with biblically-themed political literature and a collection of hats and buttons and bumper stickers and shirts.  See that shirt above with a GOP elephant?  It’s got a clothespin on its nose to keep back the stench from all the Democratic donkeys it’s crapping out?  Get it?  Democrats are like poop, see.  That shirt was made by underpaid workers in a Hanes factory in Nicaragua.  The GOP is living out its ideals here.

And what about the Knox County Democrats?  At last year’s fair, they had a card table with literature on it in a barn off to the side.  Nobody manned the Democrats’ table last year, but at least there was one.  This year, there isn’t even a table.  I’ve looked high and low and can’t find any Democratic presence at all.

6 thoughts on “Republicans outsource Union Fair to Nicaragua, Dems absent completely.”

  1. Tom says:

    It doesn’t look like there are many “takers” at this stand. i think both Rethuglicans and Dumbocraps are both washed up and only preach to their core believers (the vastly wealthy and “hangers on” on the right and the terminally idiotic/”hopeful” on the left. Anyone with a brain in their head can see that politics going forward is going to be basically right-wing/corporate until the big collapse, then its everyone is on their own. Our money is heading toward worthless, our policies make us look like completely ruthless fools (foreign) and a prison state (domestically). The world is running out of resources of all kinds, we’re poisoning our fishbowl (and depleting it) to the point that it won’t sustain life as we know it for much longer (due to the collapse of the food chain soon). Our government (and most of the others in the world) aren’t responding to the average citizen (and below) but only keeping the vastly wealthy from feeling any pain – a sure fire plan for social revolt/massive crime in your future. Meanwhile the state is throwing everything into security – keeping an eye on all of the little people thinking that they can control the masses with a police state (forgetting that the police and their families are not the super wealthy, but are composed of average citizens with badges, and that it didn’t work when the French tried it a while back). Gonna be “interesting” times ahead. Stay tuned.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      If by “takers” you mean people who are taking things and buying gear from the GOP tent, I would beg to differ. Yesterday and today, I saw this Republican gear going like hotcakes.

  2. Tom says:

    Also did anyone point out to the ol’ geezer there manning the post that the sign above his head was EXACTLY

  3. Tom says:


  4. Tom says:

    Turley saying the same thing (unresponsive government):

    and George Mobus:

    and many, many more, but nobody (in power)is listening, responding, or “leading” us toward the sustainable future we keep screaming for (one where there aren’t “super wealthy” individuals who have more wealth than 90% of the rest of the country, and consume vastly more resources while others can barely make end meet).

  5. Tom says:

    The Republicans are the original party to go off the rails via Bush jr/Rove/Wolfowitz et al into the “neocon” area and now we no longer have a democracy by any stretch of the definition. Also currently all the “playas” are Republican in ideology or practice to a large extent including “our” president (who ran as a Dem but went over to the dark side after election).

    So if people are “grabbing up gear like hotcakes” it probably means they buy into the bat-shit crazy ideas the goons are touting (like secession, austerity, shutting down the EPA, social security and medicare for starters) and nothing will get any better when they take office.


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