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AP: NY Police Department and CIA Operating Out of Jurisdiction to Spy on Innocent Americans

Reporter Adam Goldman reveals:

  • The New York City Police Department is operating out of its jurisdiction, at least in New Jersey and possibly elsewhere
  • The NYPD is engaging in surveillance of innocent people with no probable cause evidence that crimes are being committed
  • The NYPD is targeting people for surveillance and harassment on the basis of their religion
  • The CIA, an agency set up outside constitutional bounds for foreign surveillance, is participating in the NYPD surveillance
  • The NYPD and CIA are sending people to religious worship services to monitor the content of sermons for political correctness
  • Both the CIA and the NYPD are refusing to provide federal judges with information about their operations, making a ruling on the constitutionality of the practice impossible
  • The NYPD is shredding documents on this activity to remain unaccountable

This is how the rule of law dies.

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