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5 thoughts on “Look for a Change Today from Americans Elect”

  1. Lee Mortimer says:

    So, is something wrong with the whole IT site or just this section?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      No… that was a screen capture from Americans Elect indicating that they were down and that a new version of the website would be up soon.

      1. David Beck says:

        Well, if you’ve seen the additions to the site, I would have to say that it is a step in the right direction. Still a lot of unanwered questions, but seems like this is a good faith effort on the part of AE to add some additional transparency (albeit not full and total transparency).
        Now a few hard questions for us skeptics, myself included.
        What level of transparency is appropriate, reasonable, legal, etc. for an organization such as AE? Do we have have anything to measure it against, historically speaking, whereby we can say, AE has gone far enough? Anyone of us may have our own personal idea of what consitutes enough transparency. At what point do we say “What we have here represents a reasonable compromise”. What yardstick do we have to begin to get a more objective view on such matters?
        And finally at what point do we the reasonable skeptics stop, see the positive potential and say we can with good faith endorse something like AE and start getting our own entourage of friends, family and associates on board?

        Obviously this is a personal decision for each of us, but I am wondering, particular Jim your take on this, specifically what benchmark can we look to as an aid to help us make a good decision on whether AE “passes the test” as a legitimate organization. I think there is a risk of only looking to our personal ideals which can tend to be a bit too perfect for what we can expect from the real world of human beings. Obviously the task of keeping AE accountable is an ongoing one, that anyone choosing to participate (or even those who choose to stay on the sidelines) must continue to engage in. But like house hunting, there comes that point where you say “This is the one. It’s not perfect, but the foundation is strong enough that with a little elbow grease we can build our future here”. This is a tough call.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          I’ve been busy with other stuff but will write about this later today, David. But quickly:

          1. Americans Elect has undoubtedly made some positive steps.

          2. Skepticism is an orientation, not a conclusion, and if you believe in the philosophy that leads to skepticism there’s not reason to abandon skepticism when empirical conditions change.

          3. Skepticism is not incompatible with positive conclusions.

          4. I don’t think American citizens like you and me owe 501c4 corporations a whit in the public sphere, especially when they’re run by billionaires and led by hedge fund managers and investment bankers and a variety of other powerful insiders. The Americans Elect corporation can take care of itself.

  2. Hendrix says:

    Baffle them with bullshit

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