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Americans Elect Officer Dan Winslow goes on TV and helps Mitt Romney, violating Bylaws

Americans Elect bylaws, the most recent version of which were enacted on July 1 2011, make it very clear how Board Members and Officers of Americans Elect are to behave in regard to presidential candidates:

Officers shall not communicate or act in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for President or Vice President at any time before the adjournment of the online nominating convention of Americans Elect.

But on August 2 2011, one of the six chief officers of Americans Elect, Daniel B. Winslow, appeared on New England Cable News where he communicated in favor of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Watch the video for yourself here, or read the transcript:

Jim Battenfield: Do you think there’s so much anger out there we could see a challenge for 2012 in New Hampshire and other states?

Elaine Karmack: I doubt very much you would see a challenge from the Democratic Party to him. I really doubt that.

Jim Battenfield: Mm hmm. What do you think?

Dan Winslow: Well, I don’t know. There’s a third movement now, the Americans Elect, it’s at, which has a possibility of a Democratic top of the ticket and a Republican Vice Presidential candidate. So I think that the political scene is very much in flux, and I think that that’s probably good for America, because the same-old same-old simply hasn’t worked for our country.

Jim Battenfield: But Dan, let me ask you this. You’re a friend of Mitt Romney’s.

[Dan Winslow nods]

Battenfield: Mitt Romney has pretty much been absent from this debate. He comes out at the end and says, “I do not approve of this deal.” Don’t you think that’s a little playing it both sides?

Dan Winslow: Well —

Battenfield: Why can’t he just say, as many Republicans like you are, it’s good that we got a deal?

Winslow: Well, I’m glad that it got done because the choice at this 11th hour was default or not. Default was unacceptable. Shame, by the way, on our seven congressmen who effectively voted for default by their votes against this deal.

Battenfield: But Romney had the exact same position.

Winslow: I think that in terms of what Governor Romney said, he wasn’t a player in this debate. Congressmen did have a say in this debate. And I think that what he was trying to convey was, as President he wouldn’t have even gotten us to this point. He would have handled it different than President Obama would.

Dan Winslow is standing in for Mitt Romney and communicating on his behalf. By doing that, Winslow appears to be acting in violation of the Americans Elect bylaws well after those bylaws were put in place. And he should know about the bylaws: he’s the legal officer for Americans Elect.

Apart from compliance issues, there’s the issue of taste. You can also read Dan Winslow’s pitch for Americans Elect in that transcript. Nowhere in his appearance on the show does Dan Winslow acknowledge (or anyone else point out) that he is an officer of the very organization he’s making a pitch for. It may be legal for Dan Winslow to do that, but it’s also pretty darned tacky.

Update, 7:42 pm: When Right Wing Watch MA said Dan Winslow displayed a double standard in that interview, Dan Winslow appeared to violate Americans Elect bylaws again when he responded, “‘President Romney.’ Has a nice ring to it.”

Dan Winslow of Americans Elect declares President Romney has a nice ring to it

Update, 7:58 pm: Dan Winslow appears to have violated Americans Elect bylaws a third time. This time, when TeaPartyUSA1 challenged him on an apparent hypocrisy in that interview, Dan Winslow goes even farther than in other declarations, not only supporting Mitt Romney for President but declaring that Mitt Romney WILL be President when he says “President Romney never would have let situation come to this. And won’t.”

Another Americans Elect Bylaws Violation?  Americans Elect Officer Dan Winslow talks smack on Twitter, declaring how great Mitt Romney would be as President, and how great Mitt Romney WILL be as President.

Update, 8:04 pm: Dan Winslow, promoting Mitt Romney again:

Dan Winslow appearing to violate Americans Elect Bylaws yet again by promoting Mitt Romney's candidacy on August 14 2011

Dan Winslow is a lawyer. He is hired by other people to understand things like bylaws. What part of…

Officers shall not communicate or act in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for President or Vice President at any time before the adjournment of the online nominating convention of Americans Elect.

… does Dan Winslow not understand?

Update, 6:50 AM 9/3
It turns out Dan Winslow has put his money where his mouth is. From the Federal Election Commission:

Dan Winslow contribution of $1500 to Mitt Romney in 2011

It should be said that this contribution was made about three weeks before Americans Elect officially approved its new bylaws, so that contribution may not strictly be in violation of the bylaws. But as the chief legal officer for Americans Elect, Daniel Winslow was almost certainly involved in their writing, and considering the length of those bylaws their writing had to be underway while Daniel Winslow was making the contribution, which makes the timing of Winslow’s contribution interesting. Strict violation or not, the contribution cements Dan Winslow’s support for Mitt Romney as President into place.

With that in mind, I’ve got a question:

Dan Winslow has said he likes the sound of Mitt Romney as President. Dan Winslow has given Mitt Romney money to help him become President. Dan Winslow has even said he thinks Mitt Romney WILL be President. Why would such a person go to work as one of the top 6 leaders of Americans Elect, the ostensible goal of which is to get someone ELSE to run for President? I have no idea what the answer is, but I think the answer is important to find out. Dan Winslow, would you care to answer that question?

I’ve asked Americans Elect that question directly using the Americans Elect Get Satisfaction system this morning. If I get an answer, I’ll let you know.

5 thoughts on “Americans Elect Officer Dan Winslow goes on TV and helps Mitt Romney, violating Bylaws”

  1. Richard Winger says:

    Thanks for your good reporting skills in having found this interesting video.
    However, I think your title is misleading. He didn’t “go on TV to defend Mitt Romney.” He went on TV for a general purpose, and he couldn’t have anticipated that the moderator would ask him about Mitt Romney. I’m not quibbling with the substance of your post, just the title.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      OK. I changed the title to … “Dan Winslow goes on TV AND helps Mitt Romney” …

  2. Lee Mortimer says:

    When I first saw this, I really thought it was a stretch, but Winslow’s subsequent statements show he really went over the line. I’d say AE is indebted to you for bringing this to their attention. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re taking him to the wood shed for these policy violations. No question, he showed very poor judgement for someone who certainly should understand the meaning and intent of bylaws that he undoubtedly had a hand in promulgating.

  3. Jim Cook says:

    Neither Dan Winslow nor anyone else at Americans Elect has answered that question.

    1. Lee Mortimer says:

      Is this question directed at me? If so, I don’t disagree with you. In fact, I credited you (above) with bringing the information to light.

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