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Daniel Winslow: Mitt Romney Aide, Scott Brown Aide, Republican Legislator, Senior Americans Elect Leader

A tip of the pen goes to Dan Heard for pointing out an interesting coincidence.

It turns out that Daniel Winslow, one of the six people named recently as senior leaders of Americans Elect, has been a senior political aide to both Republican Mitt Romney and Republican Scott Brown.

Daniel Winslow’s work for Republicans based out of Massachusetts is no coincidence: Daniel Winslow is himself a Republican, a Republican state legislator in Massachusetts who this spring introduced legislation to do away with unions’ collective bargaining rights. When asked last month about his political activities by Jim Hand of the Sun Chronicle, Winslow said…

his only political focus is on getting re-elected to the House in 2012. He did not say what his intentions are for the 2014 gubernatorial race.

That’s not strictly true. Besides his work with Mitt Romney, with Scott Brown and with the 187th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Daniel Winslow is part of the senior leadership team of Americans Elect. His goal there is to help support Americans Elect in its drive to be the first corporation ever to elect a President of the United States.

Daniel Winslow may also be a nice guy, but nice guy or not, these affiliations place him firmly in one camp that has an interest in the 2012 elections. It’s interesting, to say the least, to see him placed as one of the top six leaders of Americans Elect.

6 thoughts on “Daniel Winslow: Mitt Romney Aide, Scott Brown Aide, Republican Legislator, Senior Americans Elect Leader”

  1. Peregrin Wood says:

    Yeah, this Americans Elect leader is not at all against business as usual in American politics. He’s a partisan’s partisan, and aligned with a current Republican presidential candidate.

    How many Americans Elect leaders are aligned with Republican presidential candidates?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Well, Michael Bloomberg, who until he went Independent was a Republican, is a rumored presidential candidate. Douglas Schoen is on the Board of Advisors for Americans Elect. Douglas Schoen’s a pollster for Michael Bloomberg.

  2. Lee Mortimer says:

    So, is this supposed to be a news flash? The salient points are already on AE’s website where it says that Winslow “has represented Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, US Senator Scott Brown, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson, among others.” You seem to be building toward a conclusion that AE is surreptitiously trying to get a ballot spot for a dissident Republican candidate? How does splitting the Republican/conservative vote serve corporate interests? It would seem to be the best stroke of luck that could possibly befall the Obama re-election campaign.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      I didn’t claim that the information was a secret. The information has been around for months and I haven’t written about Dan Winslow until Americans Elect identified him as one of its top six leaders this week. That made his professional ties relevant, which is why I wrote this now.

      And on the conclusion you imagine you can see coming from me: er, no. Why would I conclude that? It’s a conclusion that doesn’t even fit your own logic. Other aims would fit your logic better.

      But if you read carefully, you’ll notice I’ve avoided claims about any invisible plan or unobservable agenda or suppositional anything and I’ve stuck to what we can observe. The ambiguous truth is that we just don’t know what Americans Elect is planning in its meetings, because despite the legal requirements of the places where it’s registered, it hasn’t announced its meetings or held them open to its full membership, which according to the bylaws is the set of people who have registered at its website.

      Because we don’t know exactly what Americans Elect is up to, and because it hasn’t yet met even its own pledges for disclosure, much less the growing demands of others, getting secondary sources of information on the public and relevant activities of Americans Elect and its leaders becomes important.

      I leave the drawing of conclusions up to you.

      1. Lee Mortimer says:

        I’m sorry, maybe you could enlighten me a bit as to those “other aims (that) would fit your logic better.” I’m afraid I’m not clairvoyant enough to perceive what those might be — nor for that matter, what you had in mind as “your own logic.”

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Then why did you tell me what my thoughts were in the previous comment, Lee?

          “Your own logic” refers to the argument you made. You’re right that it wouldn’t make sense for corporate interests to split the Republican vote. I’m not suggesting that corporate interests are trying to split the Republican vote.

          I won’t push conclusions upon you. Draw your own conclusions about Americans Elect.

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