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If We’re Not As Secure As We Need To Be, Why Aren’t We Suffering?

Thomas Kean is a former Governor of New Jersey, and a former co-chair of the 9-11 Commission. These days, it’s his involvement with the 9-11 Commission that seems to bring Kean most of the attention he seeks.

Earlier this week, Kean warned that “we are not as secure as we could or should be”, saying that if his recommendations for enhanced Homeland Security were not implemented, we’d all be sorry.

Of course, that’s what Kean said years ago. Many of the his commission’s recommendations for making American security more strict were not implemented, and then… nothing happened as a result.

If we are really not as secure as we could or should be, then how come we’re not suffering the consequences? Functionally, secure is as secure happens.

All signs are that the United States is not really under any sort of strong threat of terrorist attack. So, isn’t it time now for the United States to dismantle the overreaction of Homeland Security and return to a realistic, and less expensive and intrusive, level of security that matches the low threat level?

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