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Udumbara Flowers Bloom Once Every Three Thousand Years For 4th Time in 5 Years

CNN is reporting that udumbara flowers have been found at a convenience store in Seoul, South Korea. What’s so special about an udumbara flower, you ask? CNN explains that the udumbara is “a legendary flower in Buddhist literature believed to bloom once every 3,000 years”.

Why would the udumbara flowers appear at a convenience store? Apparently, it’s a message from the Buddha, telling followers to abandon the Middle Way and adopt the path of least resistance instead.

udumbara lacewing eggsThe udumbara flowers may have magical healing powers, CNN reports. What’s the evidence for that? Well, says CNN, the manager of the store where the udumbara flowers has told them that “A lot of sick people have been coming in to see the flowers. They sit in front of the flowers and some of them say they feel better afterwards.”

Who could disagree with such compelling evidence for supernatural Buddhist healing? Only “snarky netizens”, says CNN.

As a snarky netizen, I’d like to point out that the so-called udumbara flowers do not bloom every three thousand years. I reported on another incident of udumbara flowering in March last year – said to be found under a Buddhist nun’s washing machine. Before that, there was another appearance of udumbara flowers in 2008, and before that, udumbara flowers were seen in 2007.

Besides that, the udumbara flowers aren’t flowers. They’re eggs laid by the lacewing. The lacewing is a very common insect that lives all over the world, so udumbara actually happen all the time. It’s only a somewhat rare event for a gullible devotee of the Buddha to find them, because they’re small and tend to be laid in out of the way places so as to avoid predatory egg stealing by other bugs.

Udumbara flowers are the Buddhist equivalent of Catholicism’s apparitions of the Virgin Mary. In spite of the clear line of evidence contradicting the claim that udumbara flowers are mystical manifestations of the Buddha’s benevolence that bloom only once every three thousand years, followers of Buddhism keep on repeating the same old story. Why? Apparently, Buddhist enlightenment trigger the inability to perform basic mathematical computations.

6 thoughts on “Udumbara Flowers Bloom Once Every Three Thousand Years For 4th Time in 5 Years”

  1. Cheong says:

    “udumbara flowers do not bloom every three thousand years.”

    three thousand years is just an estimation; it maybe 3001 years or 3005 years, etc…

    udumbara flowers aren’t eggs laid by the lacewing. Do your homework.

    Just to clarify…it’s not about Falun Gong.

  2. cameron says:

    Actually this is completely untrue. I think it wouldn’t hurt for you to look at some other websites on this topic before making such strong opinions. For example, lacewings are not common in Asia, but you said they are all around the world. Also, I have had Udumbaras grow in my backyard, both on a trampoline and on a glass window. A bug generally tends to lay their eggs on leafs or plants, not rubber and glass. And they are for sure udumbaras, in person you can actually see the pedals and smell their aroma. I don’t mean to be argumentative, just thought I might say this.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Let’s talk about what’s completely untrue, Cameron. It is completely untrue that lacewings are uncommon in Asia. This study refers to 20 different species of just one genus of lacewings living in an area from Nepal to Malaysia:

      1. cameron says:

        Actually thank you for showing me that. I must have been wrong in that aspect. But as I said they are real, that’s my main point.

        1. J Clifford says:

          They are indeed real. They are real lacewing egg cases.

          Just because something LOOKS like a flower doesn’t mean that it is. I’ve run across beautiful looking flowers in the woods that I discovered later were not flowers. They were extremely elegant and unusual mushrooms.

          1. cameron says:

            Haha well I guess we can just agree to disagree

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