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Environmentalists Against Obama

Yesterday’s decision by Barack Obama to abandon protections for Americans from deadly smog that kills between 4,000 and 12,000 Americans every year was just the latest in a long series of anti-environmental actions by Obama since he became President.

Obama promised to put solar panels up on the roof of the White House – then broke that promise, refusing to put solar panels on the White House even when the solar panels were donated. He promised to pass strong legislation to confront climate change – then packed the bill with subsidies for the coal industry before abandoning the legislation altogether.

Barack Obama has pushed for the expansion of offshore drilling, even allowing new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling disaster. He’s allowed the commission to wither without ever issuing a report about the causes of the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill.

Barack Obama’s Administration has blocked consideration of endangered species petitions. Obama has even supported the legalization of wolf hunts, though wolves are still gravely endangered, and even locally extinct over most of the United States.

So, am I surprised that Barack Obama is now supporting the American Petroleum Institute and lobbyists from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and allowing George W. Bush’s lax rules to allow fatal levels of smog-causing ozone across the nation? No, I’m not surprised at all. I’m sickened. I’m disgusted. I’m furious.

That’s why, this afternoon, I’m starting the Environmentalists Against Obama group on Facebook. Barack Obama has broken trust with environmentalists. He’s continued Bush’s anti-environmental crusade. There’s no reason environmentalists should work to help Obama get another term in the White House. We need a genuine environmentalist candidate, and we cannot accept the kind of dirty compromise that Barack Obama has made his hallmark.

4 comments to Environmentalists Against Obama

  • Rana

    He’s also endorsed the siting of industrial solar on old-growth desert ecosystems inhabited by endangered species like the desert tortoise. An environmentalist he is not.

    • theotherjimmyolson

      Just exactly what is an old growth desert ecosystem?

      • I can’t speak to the specific old growth desert ecosystem that Rana is writing about, but I’ve spent some time in the Southwest, including on archaeological fieldwork, and what I know is this: Deserts and desert soils are not nearly as barren as most people think. There are places where deserts are extremely and desolate, but even in those places, there’s life. In many places, deserts are rich with life, including slow growing cactus and other unique desert plants that entire ecosystems depend upon. In other places, the structure of the desert soil is extremely fragile, and takes a very long time to be established. When it’s destroyed – and it doesn’t take much – it may never come back to support the life that it once did.

  • Anonymous

    Just another corporatist – like all the other “viable candidates” on the slate for the ALL REPUBLICAN election of 2012 – take your pick. Once Obama turned all “BUSH III” on us, and the Democrats went along with it all, it was over for this country. There is no party of “other” or “progressive” or even of the Constitution! The Republicans and Democrats are both the same party in reality now – they represent corporate America NOT US. So if you want to vote once again for the same old crap we’ve been fed since Kennedy – the corporate party line, backed by the CIA and now Homeland Security – go right ahead and sell the remaining generations into debt slavery.

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