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Smog Killer Dwarfs September 11 Terrorism

One week from now is the 10th anniversary of the terrorism of September 11, 2001, and so we’re seeing an even larger version of what’s become an annual revelry in that day of death. Supporters of the Homeland Security regime that the U.S.A. now lives under come close to celebrating the violence of 2011, because they think that it justifies the repressive and expensive retraction of liberty they have always favored. Their argument is that, because 2,571 people died once, we must behave as if another such event is always just about to take place.

The truth that the history of the last decade makes clear is that terrorist attacks are not an ever-present looming threat. Yes, terrorist attacks will take place in the future, and every now and then, the United States will even see a large scale terrorist attack. However, terrorist attacks are rare events, and large terrorist attacks are extremely rare.

On the other hand, smog is not rare across the United States. Deadly levels of smog are not always visible, but they’re present across large parts of the United States on many days. Smog doesn’t just attack in big cities, either. It spreads in dangerous levels across large rural areas as well, into countryside where the air is no longer at all fresh.

Unlike terrorists, smog is here, killing, year after year. Every year, smog kills many more people than Osama Bin Laden did.

Yet, although airline travelers are still being groped by the Transportation Security Administration and undergoing naked body scans, the Obama Administration refuses to provide effective protections against fatal levels of smog.

Last Friday afternoon, when he knew that most Americans would have already stopped paying attention to national events because of the Labor Day weekend, Barack Obama announced that he would support the policy of George W. Bush and the American Petroleum Institute, and refuse to implement strong anti-smog regulations that are legally required under the Clean Air Act.

Studies have indicated that somewhere between 4,000 and 12,000 Americans will be killed every year as a result of the lack of those regulations.

If between 4,000 and 12,000 Americans were killed just once in a terrorist attack, Washington D.C. would swoop in and change our lives forever, sparing no expense.

Because the killer is smog, and because oil and gas companies make such obscene profits that they are able to employ armies of lobbyists carrying huge amounts of money to give to politicians, Washington D.C. is just shrugging of the deaths of thousands of Americans, as if it’s just the sort of thing that happens every day…

which it is…

but it didn’t used to be…

and it doesn’t have to be.

We don’t have the allow the month of the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2011 to be the month that we set the stage for another massacre. We could make this the occasion to take a stand against environmental terrorism by the fossil fuels corporations.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama is standing with Big Oil, and not doing what it takes to defend the American people.

7 thoughts on “Smog Killer Dwarfs September 11 Terrorism”

  1. September Clues says:

    9/11 terrorism?


    More like a state-sponsored, military psyop facilitated by the mainstream TV networks.

    Please awaken from your media-induced stupor – there were no planes on 9/11 – what you saw broadcast on TV were SFX – made for TV special effects – fake, computer-generated images of planes.

    Watch September Clues for more details:

    1. Green Man says:

      “September”, you’re really missing the big point.

      If all the 9-11 Truthers would spend their time going after smog, and become smog truthers, they’d find a much bigger conspiracy that kills many more people… and it’s an inside job.

  2. September Clues says:

    Green Man,

    With all due respect, I’m NOT missing the point at all.

    The US is a war zone where everyday is spent navigating a minefield of booby traps.

    From chemtrails and smog, to GMOs and crippling vaccines, the public is under attack by an enemy within. ‘No planes’ on 9/11 is one of the best examples of how the citizenry is kept misinformed and mislead by the militarized media and intelligence operatives.

  3. September Clues says:

    Oh and to stay on topic, Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Obama doesn’t make any decisions regarding smog, or any other government regulations/legislation. He is little more than a scripted, talking head for the communist banksters who are waging war against America. I sincerely doubt he can even go to bathroom without ‘someone’s’ permission.

    Would you like to know why so many say the US government is no longer legitimate?

    Considering the thoroughness of a military background check, combined with the fact that Obama is linked to REAL domestic terrorists and communist ideals, if America’s control hierarchy was not compromised from top to bottom, Obama would never have become a candidate for President, much less be today the commander in chief over the military with access to the US nuclear arsenal codes (the football).

    If the gov was lawful, Obama wouldn’t have access to a White House toilet.

    1. Green Man says:

      What is your “Soetoro” name dropping supposed to imply, September?

      I don’t like the way that Barack Obama is allowing corporations to manipulate him like a hand puppet, but I don’t imagine that the problem had anything to do with the Indonesian man his mother was briefly married to.

      Seriously, do you ever have any evidence that Barack Obama has notorious Soetoro connections that influence his political positions today?

      The Big Picture you’re not getting requires focus – focus on what’s knowable.

  4. David Beck says:

    So many of us shy away from expressing this type of perspective, because we are afraid of being seen as unpatriotic or anti-American, or somehow unsypmathetic to those affected to the loss of life that occurred on 9/11/2011.

    If we responded with such vigor and enthusiasm (and with as much financial investement) to other tragedies that happen every day how much safer would we be?

    You used the example of air pollution.

    How many others could we list?

    How many people die every year from:
    a lack of access to clean drinking water?
    a lack of access to affordable health care?
    Where is our moral outrage?
    Where is our rush to address these problems?
    Where is our investment of hundread of billions of dollars to counter these daily harbingers of death?

  5. Freedom Patriot says:

    I live in Canada, Quebec to be precise, and honestly, there is nothing the U.S. should be proud of or almost.
    1: U.S. ”Patriots” spend most of their time waging war around the world.
    2- U.S. practice international terrorism everyday. And you idiots pay taxes for that.
    3- Look into your storybooks, go read about the U.S. occupation in Japanese ground, they sabotage even their language.
    4- Government will allow such things as irrational and fantastic as Scientology, Creationism and praise a All forgiving-God and kill in it’s name (which is a paradox)
    5- Grow their population so fat that it incapacitate the common fellow to act and revolt against such heartless behaviors.
    6- U.S. even stole countless scientifics from other counrties by sheer force to develop more extensive weaponry which are absolutly not needed since there are no freak’n enemies attacking them in their territory.
    7- U.S. Gov. have so much Intel agencies that they end up being competitors
    8- U.S. are putting the fellow man in prison for smoking weed, But they will sell weaponry to their own enemies so they have another reason to fight.

    In other words, the real terrorism against the whole World is U.S. Government. and the common educated people from around the world knows that without creating delusional situations.

    U.S. is hated by most people on this planet but no country will dare to tell U.S. Gov for a reason as simple as this: they would swiftly put in place a retaliation plan to crush any resistance whatsoever.
    U.S. is no longer taking part in the ONU establishment as a member because they DO NOT VALUE ANY FORM OF HUMAN RIGHTS. Which is the very thing they claim to be waging war against.

    P.S. The first gas alimented car was fueled by organic fuel made of Cannabis. It was also the first agriculture plant to produce for a million dollars worth of crops that you could use to: make paper, make gas, make food, clothes, paint, cars…. It was also said in the report hidden by U.S. gov that this form of agriculture would be capable of eradicating famine around the whole World.

    So are still proud to be U.S. fellows, do you still think that this is a matter of only one president?

    The whole nation was built on thievery, intimidation, violence, crime and lying to the rest of the world.

    Welcome to Canada all of you, those shit never happens here and we have the biggest drinkable water resources in this world, unlimited electricity, gold, diamonds, crops, environmental laws, human rights, chart and a very small army force. and so on.

    A very angry Freedom Patriot

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