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Mark McKinnon Hawks Americans Elect on NBC without Disclosing he is an Official Advisor

In addition to being a top political operative, Mark McKinnon is on the list of Official Advisors to Americans Elect, the first-ever corporate effort to run a private nomination for President of the United States.

On September 4 2011, Mark McKinnon interrupted moderator David Gregory on Meet the Press to insert an advertisement for the Americans Elect corporate effort:

David Gregory: OK. Let’s get a final…

Mark McKinnon: But to your question to Tom, there’s something he’s written about, there’s going to be an effort on all 50 states that will be ballot accessed for an alternative nominating convention in all 50 states next year. So there’s going–there’s some things going on out there. It’s called Americans Elect, and they’re–so there will be an alternative nominating process. So there’s frustration out there, and they’re–people are tired with the system the way it is. They’re working within the system and No Labels, but there’s things happening outside the system as well.

Nowhere in his remarks or anyone else’s remarks did Mark McKinnon note his status as an official Advisor to Americans Elect, a status that has been recently upgraded to “Leader.”

This is part of a pattern of Americans Elect corporate leaders going on TV and promoting their Americans Elect political brand under the neutral guise of “expert” without disclosing their leadership positions within Americans Elect.

A person hawking a product on a television news show should disclose (or have disclosed for them) their affiliation with the corporation selling the product. A person who will not disclose their affiliation is being unethical. A news show that does not disclose such affiliations when they are public is not doing its job. A corporation that sends its leaders to sell a political solution in disguise has not earned your trust.

One thought on “Mark McKinnon Hawks Americans Elect on NBC without Disclosing he is an Official Advisor”

  1. Mike s says:

    Just another way Americans Elect pokes the king in the eye, just like that patriotic Tea Party, amirite?

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