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Make a Green Man… Naturally

Why make a Green Man for your garden from a base of polymer clay or papier mache mix or plastic resin or concrete? Such a creation may be many things, but it isn’t made out of what it’s meant to represent. I’ll be darned, but I can’t seem to find anyone describing a way to make a Green Man out of something that’s natural and no longer needed by growing things. This afternoon, I’ve made a first pass myself.

This video shows a rough how-to for gathering hosta reeds, leaves and nuts and winding them together to make a thoroughly natural Green Man on a bed of compost. It will pass on by the spring, used up by living things around it as part of the cycle of growth from decay, which is the point of the whole Green Man thing, when you think about it. Is a Green Man that remains unchanged in your garden year in and year out, hanging from a metal nail really a Green Man?

My result is a very rough Green Man, simple to the point of cartoonish and not a thing of ornate beauty. Can you take the same idea, make something better, and share the result?

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