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They Had To Pee! Homeland Security Responds With F-16 Fighters

Some said that the “credible threat” of a planned terrorist attack on the tenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001 was just a scare tactic.

they had to pee and were accused of hijackingThe fools! They lacked the vigilance to imagine the terror that waited behind the “occupied” sign on the door, five miles high in the sky.

The military’s F-16 fighter jets scrambled when news came of a plot… a plot that would bring down an airplane… safely onto the runway of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

The threat: Two, or possibly three, people took a long time going to the bathroom while on riding in an airplane flying across the country. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the people may have “locked themselves in the bathroom”, but anonymous sources within the transportation industry implied that everybody locks the door to the bathroom when on an airplane, as that’s the only way to keep the door from swinging open.

Some indications are that the accused, who are still in custody, took more than one trip to the bathroom.

Well, we all know where that leads. They said that they had to pee… and that’s when the killing began.

Thank you, Homeland Security! We must never forget the urologists who serve as the first responders in this new front in the fight against terror!

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