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William Busa Organizes Americans Elect Transparency Pledge

William Busa is trying to organize a drive to increase transparency and open communication regarding the bylaws of Americans Elect, a 501c4 corporation running its own election in the presidential election season of 2012.

Unanswered questions concerning the identities of Americans Elect’s major donors and of its Board of Directors, combined with the highly unusual characteristics of AE’s Bylaws combine to threaten AE’s mission by leaving open and unanswered too many questions regarding AE’s true agenda. In an effort to assist AE in achieving its avowed goals by strongly encouraging its transparency, we, the undersigned members of AE, pledge to withhold all donations to AE, as well as to withhold our services as active volunteers for AE, until:

1. AE publishes prominently on its web site the names, biographies, and relevant affiliations of all members of its Board of Directors, and commits to keeping this listing continuously current;

2. AE publishes prominently on its web site the names, biographies, and relevant affiliations of all major donors to AE, as well as the sums donated and dates of donations. A ‘major donor’ shall constitute an individual or organization donating greater than $10,000 in total (whether in multiple installments or as a single payment), and shall include individuals or organizations making loans to AE.

3. AE engages actively with its members as a whole to discuss the need for revisions to its Bylaws, and facilitates the formation of a committee (comprised of AE members, and not to include officers, contractors, or Board members of AE) to draft recommended changes to the Bylaws and to put these to an advisory vote of the AE membership at least four months prior to the AE 2012 online convention.


To join the AE Transparency and Conscience Caucus (which aims to monitor AE’s compliance with these measures and to report the same to AE’s membership) please email You do NOT need to join the caucus to sign the pledge.

Americans Elect is halfway to satisfying condition #1. It has not begun to satisfy, or even indicate a willingness to satisfy, conditions #2 or #3.

2 thoughts on “William Busa Organizes Americans Elect Transparency Pledge”

  1. Richard Winger says:

    Is this the William Busa who is a scientist and an executive with Cellomics, Inc.? Does he mind making his contact information available to Irregular Times readers?

    1. Jim says:

      Buso is not affiliated with Irregular Times and I don’t know whether he reads it. I’d advise following the link and asking him your question directly.

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