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NYC Free Speech? NYPD demand all protest signs be taken down in 15 minutes

At 9:15 pm, the NYPD demanded that Occupy Wall Street take down all its signs within 15 minutes, or the police themselves would take the signs away.

Police Officers take the signs of protesters at Occupy Wall Street protestWhat happened to the constitutional First Amendment right to peaceably assemble, petition for the redress of grievance, and engage in acts of free speech? What happened to the Constitution?

The response of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators: we’ll take photographs as the police take away our free speech.

The police took away demonstrators’ signs. Occupy Wall Street took signs.

1 comment to NYC Free Speech? NYPD demand all protest signs be taken down in 15 minutes

  • Tom

    Oh, this one is easy. The powers that be just rename the signs as “disturbing the peace” or “unwanted urban advertising” or “unauthorized” whatever and find some tiny codicil somewhere in the legal books to back ’em up and down they come.

    It’s all to show that they have all the power and the guns to back them up (and the jails to throw us in when we refuse to OBEY) – and it’s all about hassling the little people while Wall Street and the big guys in the skyrise buildings can look down and sneer at the maggots while they pillage and loot to their hearts’ content. The real laws that corporations & Wall Street break every day and the government condones (by looking the other way – you know “forward, not behind” – and not prosecuted) don’t get enforced, while the petty stuff (speeding tickets, littering, loitering, lollygagging, etc.) all get top billing when they want to use them to shut down protests and the like.

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