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In Real Spontaneous Grassroots Eruption, Dozens of Occupations Spring Up All Over the USA

Holy moly. People apparently have been mega-inspired by the example of Occupy Wall Street, because little and big occupations being run independently in cities across the country are being posted to Occupy Together by local activists who want to replicate the experience where they live.

To get the full idea of the scope of the protests, visit Occupy Together. To get a quick listing if you’re looking for action in a place near to where you live:

In the Midwest:

In the Northeast:

In the Southeast:

In the Southwest:

In the West:

The original list at Occupy Together is growing longer by the day and sometimes even by the hour — I encourage you to check the OT website should you not find something close by to you. If there’s still nothing listed, call an action where you live and Contact Occupy Together to get your occupation listed.

Update, 11:12 pm: How enthusiastic are people about the spread of these occupations? They just overloaded the Occupy Together server.

6 thoughts on “In Real Spontaneous Grassroots Eruption, Dozens of Occupations Spring Up All Over the USA”

  1. Tom says:

    Also suggested by Anonymous: occupy everywhere. Keep it up!

  2. Rowan says:

    Strictly speaking, human beings are already occupying everywhere, almost, on the planet. What’s the difference? Could I take a nap and announce an Occupy My Bed demonstration?

    Seriously, what’s the political point of occupation protests in these other cities – say, Occupy Boise. Does the demonstration become a protest against Big Boise? What, exactly is being occupied, and why?

    I look at Occupy Rochester, and see that what they’ve done is set up a meeting at a coffee house, and established a Facebook Group. In what sense is that an occupation?

    1. Jim Cook says:

      You and I have been to enough protests, Rowan, to know there are lame aspects to just about every protest event, right? The Rochester event sounds lame if that’s all it will be. Close by to me, I notice that Occupy Maine will be holding an initial demonstration in on Saturday and then will be starting an ongoing occupation on October 10th.

      I myself prefer rational protests in which a demand is identified first and action to pursue that demand follows. But some people like to do things a different way. It frustrates me that the people of Occupy Wall Street in New York City — who, if you look at their signs at least, appear to have some form of common aspirations for policy — will not sit down and do the work to articulate those policy aspirations and make them into demands. But there is a swell of people here that’s considerable. I respect the energy of the participants and hope they’ll get focused.

      1. David Beck says:

        There seems to be some type of cohesive demands forming out of this, at least for the planned DC event.

        This is from OccupyWallSt website:

        1. J. Clifford says:

          The DC event definitely has cohesive demands, starting with one extremely relevant demand: America has had wars going on for a decade, and we can’t afford them, so the wars need to end now! It’s the wars and Wall Street that have brought economic devastation to America, not Social Security.

          See for more information on that upcoming occupation.

        2. Jim says:

          The October occupation’s clarity of demands predates the existence of Occupy Wall Street.

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