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Ron Paul fans and GOPsters Flood Americans Elect Facebook Page

I’ve been keeping an eye on the number of Facebook fans of the 501c4 corporate presidential nomination called Americans Elect, out of curiosity more than anything else. Today, I noticed a spike at

Number of Americans Elect Facebook Fans shoots way up as Ron Paul fans flood the web page

The messages they’re leaving aren’t expressing appreciation for Americans Elect. They’re applauding Americans Elect’s opposition: the stable of Republican presidential candidates and the current president, Barack Obama:

Ron Paul anyone??

Cain or Romney. Preferably Cain, Cause i think he stands a better chance of beating Obama.

Ron Paul in 2012!!!!


I like myself.

Vote for honesty and integrity in 2012. Vote Ron Paul and help change the direction this country is heading in now. If you are fed up with politics as usual and not being heard by the politicians in Washington this is your chance to be heard and stood up for. If you want to see the purchasing power of your hard earned dollars stop dwindling then the choice is clear. Ron Paul. If you are tired of the endless senseless wars, nation building, and being the world’s policeman then the choice is clear. Ron Paul

Ron Paul for President 2012

Michele Bachmann for 2012. My opinion since she still supports our God that this country was founded on and is against same sex marriage. She has some other good views. It also surprised me that I decided on a woman candidate. No offense ladies, but she does have good ideas.


RON PAUL 2012 Unless you want more of the same

I like Ron Paul..He wants to elminate the IRS and other useless money sucking bereaucratic agancies and institute a national sales tax.

Jon Huntsman 2012


Ron Paul 21012!

and so on and so forth.

Americans Elect’s Facebook page has been absolutely flooded with these comments, made in rapid-fire succession, some with tongue-in-cheek and some seemingly not. I have no idea what this means, whether it’s a strategic move by Ron Paul fans to swing the Americans Elect process or whether it’s just some people having a bit of fun. It will be interesting to see if they keep it up and how Americans Elect might react to the scripted or unscripted action.

13 thoughts on “Ron Paul fans and GOPsters Flood Americans Elect Facebook Page”

  1. Tom says:

    A growing list of dupes, marks, shills and patsies keeping the country going in the same unsustainable, unaccountable, illegal, unconstitutional, corporate, big-money, non-representative way, thinking they’re actually doing something by voting for one of the clowns out there shucking and jiving for the job, i guess they’ll be real surprised when the same war-mongering, spying, taxing, prison-nation is here four years from now.

    1. Shannon Howell says:

      I know I felt duped after I voted for Obama and the same war-mongering, spying, taxing, prison-nation is here nearly four years later. Ron Paul 2012

  2. Lee Mortimer says:

    Does anyone have an idea of the point that Jim is trying to convey here? He seems to be telling us that a large number of “non-centrist,” right-leaning activists are using AE’s Facebook page to express support for their respective candidates. Is there some further conclusion that is still to come? I guess I don’t get it.

    1. J. Clifford says:

      My interpretation: Jim is making an observation about how an organization that promises to transcend ideology and promote a centrist agenda is actually enabling the promotion of ideological extremes. My sense is that Jim is intending to point out the vast difference between the Americans Elect leadership’s tightly controlled messages about what the American people want, and the character and content of the American people’s own expressions when they’re able to evade Americans Elect’s attempts to filter political speech.

      That’s how I read it. With politics, a lot depends upon the reader’s ability to draw conclusions.

      1. Lee Mortimer says:

        Oh, well thanks for clearing up some of Jim’s opaqueness.

    2. Jim Cook says:

      I am saying what I am saying. I am not saying what I’m not saying. That’s all there is to it, Lee. Being an independent thinker, you can come up with the conclusion that you want to come up with.

      1. Anonymous says:

        And I’m just saying that you should feel fortunate to have J Clifford to call on to help you out. I’m just real impressed at how devoted you guys at IT are to each other.

        1. Lee Mortimer says:

          Sorry. That’s me above.

        2. Jim Cook says:

          No shit.

  3. paul 2012 says:

    Suggesting that it is somehow sinister for a bunch of Paul fans to flock to this effort ignores three basic things-

    1) the paul voters are probably the most heavily internet organized political faction that is NOT being paid/financed by anyone to do so. the americans elect effort is also entirely internet based and attracts those who are alienated or not welcome in either major party, so the paul voters are naturally attracted to this.
    the existance of this effort has been heavily promoted and discussed on Paul message boards at the same time that the major media affiliated with both current parties are actively dismissing our candidate, while they have all day to discuss and interview santorum or huntsman, who are in no way viable and cannot even muster 10% momentarily.

    2) the paul voters are about 10% of the republican electorate and a significant portion of them are not “shareable”. we cannot vote for the other republican candidates with their global wars/small govt nonsense, since its impossible to have a small domestic govt while you are maintaining a world empire/global military.
    thus, at least half of the paul vote cannot be transferred to any other current republican candidate.

    3) until a third party candidate actually materializes from americans elect, its pretty natural for these voters to promote and point out the non-partisan parts of Pauls platform, which is pretty much what this effort is pledging itself towards.

    3) If this effort americans elect ends up producing candidates like bloomberg, former recipients of lobbyist PAC money,
    dem/repub congressional lobbyists/staffers,
    those who are functionaries or former elected officials of the repub/dem parties, then its not going to appeal to really anyone, or serve the stated purpose of its founders. for instance, even though I strongly support Ron Paul, he would not in my opinion be a potential candidate for this effort at a third party since he is a elected repub official and is tied to that party. When a true third party candidate with domestic, populist goals is selected through this effort, I would support him, but until then, you “dance with who brung you”

    The real downfall of this effort will be selecting or allowing in those who are tied to the two major parties, were paid by the two parties, were officials or lobbyists who bribed/served the two major parties, and thus created the current pay to play mess in which our elected officials serve those who pay them, not the american peoples wishes.

    It seems like a pretty basic facet of a emerging third party to prevent its hijacking by those in the two major parties who will seek to plant their own hacks and use the “third party” as a captive tool.

    the tea party concept emerged with US, paul libertarians, as a means to oppose the Bush banker bailouts, but was soon overrun by Faux News and the big money hacks who are longtime republican operatives to ensure that it became a rent-a-mob that the repubs could call up to serve their talking points,
    but would not actually challenge their corrupt governance with candidates from a third party.

    THIS effort will have the same fate befall it if it does not keep out the dem/repub paid operatives, lackeys, or elected officials. The tea party concept was not founded by fox-watching seniors in govt-bought scooters urged to combat other peoples social security.. it was hijacked by that group through the concerted efforts of big money lobbyists and hacks who were generic repubs.

    1. Richard Winger says:

      Ron Paul certainly is free to seek the Americans Elect nomination if he wishes to. The fact that he is a member of Congress, elected in 2010 on the Republican ticket, is no barrier. John B. Anderson was elected to Congress in 1978 as a Republican, but that didn’t stop him from running as an independent for Congress in 1980. The fact that Ron Paul is not running for re-election gives him complete freedom.

  4. Richard Winger says:

    About John B. Anderson, I meant to say running for president as an independent in 1980.

  5. Ken says:

    This seems like a natural for Ron Paul should he again be rejected by Republicans for their nomination.

    Last go around, he passed on a shot at the Libertarian Party’s nomination, and endorsed the Conservative Party candidate, a minister named Baldwin, for president. This really confused me, a Paul supporter, until I realized how strongly he opposed John McCain. I did too, and voted for Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate.

    This movement looks to have a broader appeal than the L.P., and has the advantage of offering each voter an individual vote. I hope Ron Paul will ask his followers to vote for him in Americans Elect if he once again is denied Republican support!

    I notice a requirement for an opposite party running mate; e.g., Ron Paul and Ralph Nader. I guess an independent like Lieberman would qualify either way.

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