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Our Oregon Sums Up Current Knowledge on Americans Elect

Scott Moore at Our Oregon has put together a well-written, concise summation of current knowledge regarding Americans Elect. I encourage you to read his three-part series if you are looking for a quick overview of some issues regarding this 501c4 corporation planning to run its own presidential nomination:

Americans Elect I: The Truth Behind the Corporate Scheme to Swipe the 2012 Election
Americans Elect II. A Shell Game Designed to Block Real Democratic Participation
Americans Elect III. Who’s Behind the Astroturf Organization

Moore plans to publish two more pieces, each revealing some information particular to Americans Elect’s activities in Oregon. I look forward to reading them.

2 thoughts on “Our Oregon Sums Up Current Knowledge on Americans Elect”

  1. Lee Mortimer says:

    Why not give Our Oregon’s articles an enthusiastic plug in your blog. You are quoted extensively in them — and they hold you up as some kind of sage.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      You silly. It’s not about me: it makes no sense for me to promote Irregular Times on Irregular Times by sending people to Our Oregon in the hope that they’ll click on a link that will take them back to… Irregular Times. I linked to them because they do a nice job of summing up, and they’re linking to other people writing about Americans Elect too, and they’re also including some new information.

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