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Barack Obama installs a Death Panel after all

It turns out that despite his protestations last year that he’d never implement “Death Panels” of elitists who decide whether or not American citizens should die, President Barack Obama has gone ahead and done just that. There is a actually a Death Panel that meets to decide whether an American citizen should die. It operates in secret without any public record. It is not accountable for its actions under the law.

The conservatives had just guessed the wrong department.

6 thoughts on “Barack Obama installs a Death Panel after all”

  1. Tom says:

    i made the same observation on another site early this morning. Talk about a complete sell-out, Obama has been totally dishonest with respect to his campaign speeches, calling himself a democrat, for touting “green” anything and once in office abandoning his base to appeal to Republicans (ostensibly to get legislation passed). FAIL! This next election will be the most awful we’ve ever witnessed with no choices, a corrupted government and the continuation of BIG MONEY politics as usual. Maybe the Occupy movement can draft one of its own.

  2. Lillie says:

    You people come up with the most ridiculous comments. You finally got a President who is honest to a fault, free of personal scandals and who is doing everything he can for the American people and you do nothing but try to obstruct. him. We do not want or need your politics/.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Lillie, do you consider convening death panels to decide which American citizens the government can kill without trial to be “doing everything he can for the American people?”

  3. Dove says:

    So this Steve Frank guy better watch out. He will surely be targeted for threatening to go Taliban on the American people, right?

  4. Linda Pope says:

    It was along with George Soros and other hell-demons to finance the take over so Obama could finally set up Death Panels across the country where true American Patriots would be tried and executed so the Socialists Elders could control our minds and put Big Government Labor Bosses over the silent majority.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Hell demons? Really, Linda? If the hell demons are involved, how come they haven’t killed anyone yet? Are demons that wimpy, or is it just hell demons that are pathetic?

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