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Think the Occupation Movement is Bereft of Ideas and Goals? Read This.

It is true that the Occupy Wall Street demonstration took a frustratingly long time to articulate a set of demands. But the claim that the occupation movement has no direction is false. You don’t have to look far to find a clear, specific, detailed and sourced articulation of a political agenda for the movement. Courtesy of the Freedom Plaza occupation in Washington, DC, you can find just such an agenda right here.

2 thoughts on “Think the Occupation Movement is Bereft of Ideas and Goals? Read This.”

  1. Mike D says:

    Agenda provided by

    It’s nice that they’re supporting Dylan Ratigan’s “nobody nowhere can contribute nothing” approach to campaign finance reform. I was thinking along the same lines a couple of weeks ago.

    Maybe something more moderate, setting a $100 cap on individuals, corporations (which would include non-profits), or business entities of any sort?

    That way individuals can show their support for a candidate, but no donor can gain undue influence over a candidate.

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